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Comfort Food September 15, 2006

Posted by greenlavender in Life.

I just heard ladies talking about comfort food in the cafeteria at my office. What do you eat that you find comforting?

Right now, I am eating lunch: a mix of pasta, ground meat and veggies with tomatoes (kind of like a homemade Hamburger Helper). That’s kind’a comforting. Although when I think of Hamburger Helper, I think of University food… not sure about the level of comfort there… Hamburger Helper, Mr. Noodles, Kraft Dinner. Although I still eat Kraft Dinner once in a while (I have two kids… 🙂 )



1. Nancy - September 16, 2006

I like pizza myself. Or wings. Definately the ultimate comfort food.

2. Ereek - October 1, 2006

My mom’s “paté chinois” (Shepherd’s Pie to you maudits anglos)
though, how that particular dish got attributed to China is a deep mystery about the Quebec experience, in my opinion…

3. greenlavender - October 2, 2006

It’s called “paté chinois” because that’s what they used to serve the Asians who worked on the pancanadian railroads!
There’s also another theory that the name comes from “China Pie”, which originated in the city of China, in Maine (USA). French-Canadians who would have immigrated to Maine came back to Canada and brought the recipe with them, therefore the French translation.

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