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It’s 3:03am and I can’t sleep September 24, 2006

Posted by greenlavender in Life, Personal.

Well, 3:04am now. My daughter woke up crying that her unicorn and blanky were not in her bed. Since my Mom was babysitting and put her to bed, I had no clue where they were. So there we went, on a mission to find them! After searching the entire house, we went back to her room. She started crying again saying: “They’re not in my room, I can’t find them”. What a relief when we found both her unicorn and her blanky on her night table! Phew! Back to bed she went, with a smile on her face. Kids are fascinating.

As a parent, you notice how kids see the world differently. They admire the little things, or what we (as adults) consider little. Maybe if we all started admiring “the little things”, the world would be a better place. Things like the sunrise and sunset, or that little bug on the ground, or the birds singing, everything we take for granted. Things we stop noticing when we pay more attention to are worries, which most of the time turn out to be nothing at all. We waste a lot of time thinking about ‘what ifs’ instead of paying attention to ‘what’s now’.

Gee, I’m getting pretty deep for 3:14am.



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