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Cocaine, Good or Bad? October 11, 2006

Posted by greenlavender in Debates.

Cocaine drinkThe new drink that is. A very high concentration of caffeine, 350% stronger than Red Bull.

Don’t people sleep anymore to be awake for a day? And people with insomnia should start thinking about what is making them stay awake: anxiety, stress, too much going on. We need to start relaxing, and I am completely guilty just as anybody else. But I don’t rely on high concentrations of caffeine to keep me going, besides it makes me sweat too much. When I feel anxious or stressed, I step back and examine my life at that moment. What is it I really want for myself. Not what I want to do, but rather how do I want to feel?

Anyway, back to the Cocaine drink. Apparently, the high-energy drink “is being billed as a “legal alternative” to the class A drug, using a massive hit of caffeine instead of cocaine”. Does that project a bad image for kids? Will they be more tempted to try cocaine because of this drink? Or will it be the opposite, they won’t try cocaine because they think they can get the same high from this drink? Only time will tell I guess.



1. acadianfury - October 12, 2006

I still wonder if they did long term effect testing on this new product. Alot of pple can get seriously ill from crap like this.

Good post and surprise I did it.


2. Zach - November 10, 2006

i dont no but a drink like this could make you feel on top of the world for maybe the first time or two, but by the third time your going to start feeling like crap. Its just like any drug, and remember, caffiene is a drug

3. Bryan - April 25, 2008

Kids get in touch with this stuff because they hear it somewhere. Introducing cocaine as a stimulant drink might make kids/people think that cocaine is not so dangerous at all…

I think the proper way to to handle the problem is by teaching kids/people what a drug actually is and does to a human being. In that way most normal people will think twice before doing it.

4. greenlavender - April 30, 2008

Bryan, I agree.
And, by also teaching kids how to stay true to themselves and love themselves will take away the urge to even think of trying any drug.

Much love,

5. Tucker - October 26, 2009

cocaine’s a helluva drug!

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