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Just for you Nancy… October 11, 2006

Posted by greenlavender in Acting.

I was reprimanded by Nancy for not talking about my upcoming show.  Now that I am done crying, here goes:

I started rehearsals last Thursday for a comedy called “Pas à soir mon noir, peut-être demain”. If you understand French, it’s exactly what you think. It’s a play about two couples, one who has been married for years and whose sex life is pretty much dead. The other couple has a sex life so fulfilling, I’m surprised they have any time to do anything else.  The latter embarks on a mission to help revive the cousin’s marriage.

I play the sex-craved Elva.

The show runs from November 11 to December 9, 2006, Friday and Saturday nights at Le Café-Théâtre Markalou in Gatineau.



1. Ereek - October 11, 2006

so they’re FINALLY doing live couples-porn in Gatineau eh? Well, I suppose it was just about time.
Gatineau has finally fulfilled its destiny as “Canada’s Tijuana”


2. Nancy - October 12, 2006

Please remind us closer to the show dates (I like mass group emails, myself) so that we can come and see it.

And I’m sorry for making you cry :p

3. greenlavender - October 12, 2006

Will do!

You didn’t REALLY make me cry… 🙂

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