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Spirit guides, what are they? October 21, 2006

Posted by greenlavender in About a Medium, Energy, Life, Mediumship, Metaphysical, New age, Spirituality.

What is a spirit guide… hmmm, well, what you think of when you say the name is most likely exactly what it is. Let’s start with what is a spirit?

A spirit is an entity made of energy that does not possess a physical body. There are many different types of spirits. Lower-level spirits (or ghosts) are people that died that have not “crossed-over” — these are the entities I feel and see the most. That’s because they are still part of our physical world — here on Earth. All other spirits above the “low-level” ones are not part of our physical world. They live in a world with a much higher energy frequency. This is the world we (humans – or our spirits rather) come from — the one we go to when we cross-over. These two worlds are superimposed.  

In this other world, which I will now refer to as the Afterlife (there are many terms for it), there are many different types of spirits, some of which are spirit guides. Guides are meant to, well, ‘guide’ us throughout our human life. When we start a new life, our goal is to learn lessons, learn about negativity to allow us to perfect our spirits and appreciate the positive of the Afterlife. I will talk more about the subject of the Afterlife and the reason for our lives on Earth later. To help us achieve our goals, we are assigned, or we choose a spirit guide rather. Our guide helps us follow our chosen path. Have you ever changed your mind suddenly about something, wondering why you did ’cause it really doesn’t make sense to you? Well, it does to your guide and it’s your guide that helped you make that choice, whether you were conscious of that or not. You needed to go through that part of your life to keep following your path.

How do you communicate with your guide? Start by opening up to that reality. Ask questions… out loud. Before you go to sleep is a really good time, because most people start to relax then and are more open. In bed, close your eyes and ask questions out loud; I ask questions about my life, about life in general, where I am heading, why I am afraid, etc. If you are truly open to receiving answers, you will either: 1- hear them, 2- see them (e.g. images, words that are displayed in your head), 3- feel them (e.g. emotions). When I started realizing I might have someone helping me out with my life, I asked my guide for a sign. I described a clear event that, if it happened, would prove to me that guides do exist. One week later, that event happened and I was completely overwhelmed. From that day on, I have never looked back. My guide has helped me make huge decisions and has taught me so much.

 I don’t want to recall how it was when I was not aware of him.

I have also encountered different guides in the past years. I have been going through a major career change. When you are going through something very specific, your guide might need the assistance of another guide with more experience in that matter. Sometimes, it’s more than one or two. But, you always have your one chosen guide with you.

I “see” my guides (it used to be I had 4 — now I have 2 helping me). I don’t see them with my eyes. Our eyes are meant to see our physical world, not the metaphysical one. I see them as an image in my brain, it’s very different than imagination or thoughts. It’s like I can see them with my eyes, but in my brain, so I know where they are around me. If you have a look at my painting “Guides“, that gives you a close enough idea of how I see my guides.

I could write all night about this. I will stop there for now. Sweet dreams.


December 6, 2006

If you started communicating with your Guides, you might find that the more you get used to it, the less you will be able to do it when going to bed. I rarely can talk to him once I am lying down, I fall asleep in the middle of a conversation, that just isn’t polite. 🙂  Although he does not take offense. It worked well when I was starting out, but not anymore. I can talk to my Guide pretty much any time I want to now.



1. Claudia - October 22, 2006

this is great natasha – can’t wait to learn more – keep it up

c 🙂

2. fluidspirit - October 24, 2006

I’m curious about that confirming event, that errased your doubt about your guides existance. If its personal, maybe you can make up a similar example, just to give an idea

3. greenlavender - October 26, 2006


The event should be unique, that you don’t experience often, like seeing something specific or someone saying something very specific. That event is meant as a sign from your guides, to show you they are there.

I asked my guides to show me a sign related to girl guides, which I rarely see (why girl guides? just because — could be anything), and I wanted that sign to be clear that it was for me. I could describe every bit of detail from the event one week later, but I’ll keep it short. Just know that every detail from about one hour before the event was meant for that moment. Exactly one week later, I saw those girl guides and actually didn’t think anything of it (didn’t even remember about asking my guides). Something happened that my husband and I needed to turn around and pass them again. Then my husband sayed: “Hey, I wonder why those girl guides are here”. I was stunned, suddenly everything came together and I knew.

Your sign could be really anything. Just make sure it’s something unique, that you don’t experience often, and make sure you ask that it be clear that it is meant for you, to show you your guides are there.

Now there is something I must add, if there is a lot of doubt in your mind, if your intentions about asking for a sign are to prove otherwise, then you can be sure it will not happen. Everything happens for a reason, and if you are not ready to know something, you will not find out.

4. fluidspirit - October 27, 2006

Thanks very much for writing. What about Guides vs Angels? Do you seek help from both? I still have a long way to go with becomming more chummy with those beings, knowing them more from the inside. I don’t want know anyone on the surface only

5. fluidspirit - October 27, 2006

he he, what zodiac sign are you?

6. greenlavender - October 29, 2006

I seek help from both my guides and angels. I believe learning about them is a lifelong journey, I too still have a lot to learn.

I am Aries.

7. stranger - November 5, 2006

What gets me is how easily I forget to allow my guide to help. When one gets so caught up in the real world and all its tangles a good friend can be forgotten, as easily a good guide. Sometimes one searches for things that were right there all along. Inside, within reach, a simple thought, a fraction of an idea, a dream, a hope, or ideal, or as you say…an image. I call this “viewing” on the backs of my eyelids. To close my eyes and see a space, place, or face inside of that moment.

I remember, as a passenger, traveling down the freeway, friend driving and we’re talking about material things we desired in our lives, I wanted a teal blue Volvo Station Wagon. She said they don’t make teal blue Volvos. I said I wanted a tan leather interior. She laughed and said I was impossible. About three or four seconds later a brand new teal blue Volvo Station Wagon with a tan interior pulled along side of us on the freeway long enough to get a good look. We were both quiet for sometime. The only reason I didn’t have that car in my possesssion is that I had/have a fear, several actually. Not lack of faith in others…rather in myself. So…I keep on keeping on. My own drama is a bit of a problem. Like it’s something I have to own, carry, burden myself with. Thanks for the moments here. A nice check on real life, love and the pursuit of happiness. Blessings to you and your readers.

8. cettevie - November 14, 2006

Hi GreenLavender 🙂

I wanted to add something about your comment “Before you go to sleep is a really good time, because most people start to relax then and are more open.”

More and more, I’ve find myself connected to some degree at all times of day; and often, it is at sleep time (for me) that I cannot speak to guides, read cards or even books on spirituality because I stay connected; and find it hard to dis-connect. I’ve tried to visualise the closing of the chakras one-by-one, or intent for quiet. Sometimes it works, other times, I stay connected and it seeps into my dreams and makes for restless nights.

I’m learning slowly too – for me, the ‘awakening’ is very new (less than a month old). But oh so beautiful. It can be quite ‘scary’ at first, but the potential to help others as a medium is phenomenal.

Thank you for sharing your experiences. I look forward to reading more from you, and learning from you. xo.

9. ascreamingwriter - February 27, 2007

This is truly fascinating Natasha.

10. hudds53 - March 11, 2007

Natasha, the more I read on your site the more and more impressed I am. I also believe in the guides. I have tried in the past to contact my Guardian Angels but never my spirit guides, not sure why. Tonight I will try. Thank you for sharing this.

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