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A great blog. November 1, 2006

Posted by greenlavender in Energy, Life, Mediumship, Metaphysical, New age, Spirituality.

If you enjoy reading my posts about spirit guides, and anything metaphysical, or simply if you want to learn more about life, I recommend you read this blog: http://fluidspirit.wordpress.com/. Fluidspirit posts a lot about what I have learned in the past years, about life, about how you have the power to create your reality.

I read a book called The Power to Create. This video posted by fluidspirit sums up the content of that book really well: http://fluidspirit.wordpress.com/the-secret/.

We do have the power to create our reality. It’s truly amazing.



1. mystarbucks - November 4, 2006

Have you read “Loving What Is”?

2. greenlavender - November 6, 2006

I have not read “Loving What Is”, but I just did some research on it and it sounds really interesting. I might just go pick it up.

Thank you.

3. Charles Hamel - January 31, 2007

You have made a very important point. We all have the ability to manifest our thoughts and perform the same miracles that prophets of past have performed. We have lost touch with our connection to the spirit due to the hustle bustle of the frantic stressful lives we lead.

Thanks for the Blog recommendation.

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