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Whoa, I haven’t written in a while. November 1, 2006

Posted by greenlavender in About a Medium, Life, Personal.

I just realized that I have not written a post in 9 days. I can’t really blame myself for neglecting my blog, my eye is not better (see post Stay clear from thumbs). It has been 3 weeks and 4 days and I see as double as the first week, if not more. Actually, I do see worse than before.

The optometrist says it will take it at least 3 to 4 months to heal completely. Great. Hey, like I sayed before, I am not blind nor will be, so I am grateful. But it’s still an inconvenience. I can’t look at the computer screen more than 10 minutes at a time. I got a patch today, so I don’t hurt my muscles by winking too much. Really cute. Aaaarrrggghhh, like my patch mate?

I find it very ironic that I hurt my eye at the same time I am trying to start a Web design business. I can’t work on design all day, that’s for sure. So how am I suppose to start this? Maybe I’m not supposed to. Or maybe I attracted this injury from fear of starting my own business. So it’s like a form of resistance, or not quite a form of… but it IS resistance. Gosh darnit! (to be polite)

Maybe I should paint. Maybe I would create a masterpiece because of this injury. Hey, you never know.



1. Nancy - November 2, 2006

Claudia and I just mentioned after class how much we wanted you to post something.

Someone is listening.

2. fluidspirit - November 3, 2006

(sends an eye-healing bolt of lightening) 🙂 I believe nothing is a coincidence. And although one doesn’t want to analyze things like a fairytale, there’s a constant tug of war inside of us between two polarities of choice. There was this girl who was driving late at night, and veered off. She got lost in the dark on a windy road and on top of all, this obscuring fog overcast the path. At one point she stopped as she just KNEW she had to get out of the car. When she got out, chills went down her spine. She was a meter away from a cliff!! (What thoughts caused her to get lost in the first place, and what winning energy eventually kicked in?). Life is amazing like that. Another story a friend told me a day ago. She was also driving up north away from the city lights, a nice 140km/hr. woo pee! Suddenly a severe cramp caught her and she slowed down drastically. It turns out an animal was crossing the road. As soon as the creature was through, her terrible cramp dissolved, and she continued on her merry way (probably pressing the pedal to the metal, ha ha!) But to me that’s amazing, because if she hadn’t gotten that cramp and slowed down, for sure the sudden breaking upon seeing the animal would have caused an accident. She is convinced 🙂

3. greenlavender - November 6, 2006

So true: absolutely nothing happens for no reason!


4. Stephanie Gardner - December 4, 2006

How is your eye now? I just hurt my eye last night (I bumped the corner of my nightstand–OUCH). I have some sensitivity to light but I was on the computer for a few hours today with no problem.

5. greenlavender - December 4, 2006

Stephanie, my eye is doing much better actually. Thanks for asking. I have graduated from seeing the optometrist once a week to once every three weeks. My vision is now 20/30, from 20/60 the first time I saw him, and I don’t see as double. 🙂
Make sure you don’t strain your eye too much if you want it to heal!

6. greenlavender - December 27, 2006

UPDATE: I just saw my optometrist before Christmas and my vision is now 20/25 is my right eye. It’s definitely getting better… much better!

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