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How Do I Help Out Spirits? November 20, 2006

Posted by greenlavender in About a Medium, Energy, Mediumship, Metaphysical, New age, Personal, Spirituality.

I was supposed to be working on a new Web site tonight, but I felt like blogging instead. I have been down and burnt out lately and I realized that I am pushing things to much. I have been wanting things to happen so bad in my life that I was no longer “riding the wave”, but trying to make it go faster instead — which attracts just the opposite. So here I am, blogging away, taking care of yours truly, and as my tagline says: chillin’.

Lately, I have been visited quite often by a man in a blue shirt — a spirit rather. I’ve been so busy and stressed that I have been completely ignoring him. He seems lonely and desperate for help. I will try to talk to him the next time I “see” him. I think I might be ignoring him ’cause I’m not sure how to help him.

I am a medium “in development”. I know how to feel, see, hear spirits, I know how to talk to them, but I still am not sure how to help them out. If you are a medium, I am reaching out to you: how do I help out these spirits? They tell me they are looking for people, they are afraid, they don’t know they are dead, how do I help them? I am used to learning stuff by going to school — as far as I know there isn’t a Metaphysical-U anywhere. 

I ask for help from my Guides on this, but I think I might also be blocking any response they could be sending me — resistance. I think that if I get a response and I know how to help these spirits, they won’t stop coming and I will have to help them all out. But that’s weird, ’cause I have been feeling them since I was a young child, so they will most likely never stop visiting anyway, so might as well help them out, right? Easy to say, not as easy to do I guess.


Have you ever wondered why you are afraid of the dark? When you are in the dark, your sense of vision is “shut off”, so it activates your “inner vision” or your clairsentience, if you wish. Because you can’t see what’s around you, you start feeling instead. When you start feeling, you perceive much more than what you are used to seeing — you are feeling energy. Most people are not used to that, so are afraid, afraid of the unknown.



1. “Your mind is creative, original and alert” « Natasha - The Artist - November 28, 2006

[…] I did something amazing the other night. Remember my blue shirt spirit visitor? Well, I encountered him last Saturday, just before leaving for my show. I decided that even though I only had 10 minutes left, I would speak to him to try and figure out how to help him. In other words, I defeated resistance and stopped ignoring him. […]

2. donna turpin - January 20, 2008

do you no why i am being targeted by one completly nasty spirit went to a medium years ago she said it was following me and no matter were i went it would catch up with me had a few years of nothing has started again with complete badness not only with me with my family to not hurting them but doing things like putting salt in the sugar bowl which could really hurt my grandson as he has had meningitis three times and is very week in his self it seems to be getting worse and i dont no were to turn can you help me i am really worried about the saftyl of my family it has already attacked me

3. greenlavender - January 22, 2008

Dear Donna,
Releasing the spirit from your surroundings will come after you look inside your heart — find the belief that is recorded in your body that is attracting this spirit and its behaviour to you. Your thoughts, emotions and beliefs emit a specific energy frequency that attracts his energy. This is done at a subconscious level, but choosing to bring it to a conscious level will help you out tremendously.
I could suggest you bring someone in, a medium, to cleanse your house of all negative energies, but he will likely return in no time unless you work on yourself. Do something for you — spend some time with yourself outside your home, you will learn to know who you are, in turn will help clear out the spirit.
Much love,

4. Jodie - June 23, 2008

Dear Natasha,
I have just found your site while searching on google. The main thing that made me stop and read your blog was the following thing:

“Have you ever wondered why you are afraid of the dark? When you are in the dark, your sense of vision is “shut off”, so it activates your “inner vision” or your clairsentience, if you wish. Because you can’t see what’s around you, you start feeling instead. When you start feeling, you perceive much more than what you are used to seeing — you are feeling energy. Most people are not used to that, so are afraid, afraid of the unknown.”

I have never been able to properly explain why it is that i am so afraid of the dark. Since i was alot younger, I have been able to see “things” but was always told that it was just my imagination. Until i was 16 when i went to a spiritualist church for the first time and the medium came to me and told me a had a special gift and that even though i wasnt admitting it, I could see and feel spirits. She told me not to be scared of the black as that was the strongest form that they could show them selves to me in.

moving on…. recently my great grandma was moved into a nursing home and ive been getting visits from my great grandad who died when i was alot younger. i know it is him as when i keep seeing him he was wearing a blue shirt, which i later found in his possesions in my great grandmas house. But he came to me in a dream the night before last and showed me where in the house to find something, which in my dream was money. I went to the house yesterday and lifted the floorboard he told me to and there was an old coin and a key. Now i kow there is something else he wants me to find before the house is handed back over to the landlord but i dont know what it is or how to find it, or even how to contact him properly. i “know” that he keeps taking my hand, clenched although there is something inside it, and placing it on my chest.

Is there any advice you can give me on this, anything at all that you think may help? I have never spoken openly about this before or asked for help but as I have a time limit this time, I feel i have no other option.


kamille frank - January 30, 2013

hi my name is kamille frank and i think you can make my gift come stronger i can see ghost and at first i thought i was just lieing to my self ontill one afternoon i was in school and the only thing i can remember is eating a catchcandy after that the teacher put me in a room and talked to me if i know about god ect… and every body was looking at me as if i have killed them and then i saw a video of what happen when i finish ate that catch i was shocked since then they have been somany ghost around my house anly telling me help but i did not know how but a few months latter i think i can do this i saw your websit so you can help me plz
oh and that e-mail thats for facebook

5. greenlavender - June 23, 2008

Dear Jodie,

My only advice is to keep doing exactly what you are doing. You are doing great. To have found that key under the floorboard as your grandad showed you is a great first step. If you feel there is something else he is trying to tell you or show you, you can ask him to tell you again in your dreams; or in a way you feel you could better receive the message.

Hope this helps!

Much love,

6. Jodie - June 24, 2008

Thankyou for your reply
Ive tried the key in everything in the house tha i can possibly find but the house hasnt been altered or modernised since my great great grandmother ived there, so there is alot of old furniture and items. Ive tried to find out what the key is for but all it has stamped on it is A1 and the coin is a shilling from 1936 with king george (5th i think) on it. I know the coin isnt worth anything. The whole coin had turned black over the years BUT the face is smoothed off as if someone has kept rubbing it (so i think it may of been a lucky coin) and the only part on it that it sill silver is the word REX, no maybe I am looking into wha i’ve found too much, I dont know.

This is all new to me really as I pushed away my “gift” as I didnt totally believe. That was until i moved in with my boyfriend 4 months back. He asked me one night about the flat being haunted and i said that it wasnt, and then had to explain to him that I could see and feel spirits. That night I think i opened the flood gates as I could hear alot of spirits talking but one came right to me and said “now that everything sorted” and then he laughed. From that day there was a guy in the flat that would follow me around and stand over the bed while i was trying to sleep. there was also two small children that would hide in the built in wardrobe. Every time i seen them, they would be crying and reaching one hand out to me. Im afraid to say that I didnt know how to help them and we moved out after only a month of being there.

But back to the story at hand,
My mum believes that if you recieve a feather (from your guardian angel) tha you should place it in an envelope and write a thankyou and a question on the outside. My nan didnt believe at all and she received an orange feather and wrote on the front of the envelope that she wanted a different feather to prove that there was actually someone helping us. I found it quite funny that there was a part of a peacock feather under the floorboard with the key!

The final thing that i cannot understand is that I was given a crystal ball by my mother a few months ago and I am the only one who can “use” it. Is never just a clear crysal to me, its always either glowing or filled with fog / images. Is it normal to be able to see in it without even trying?

I will try and keep you informed of everything that happens,
Jodie xx

7. Kk - October 15, 2008

Supposedly I have the ability to see and talk to spirits, as my mom and grandma and most of the women in my family have it. Sometimes I get feelings of people being around, and I’ll have a lot of dreams where my grandma and aunt who have passed away, tell me things, or just say hi. I had my car for 3 or 4 years and I just got a new one so I was cleaning the old one out and I found a random piece of jewelry in it that hadn’t been in there before. I put it on the counter and my mom told me to put it in the new car because it had been my grandmas, and lately things of hers had been turning up in weird places for several family members so they believe she’s trying to keep us safe. I’d like to learn how to read into these things more, is there any advice?

8. greenlavender - December 16, 2008

Dear Jodie,
I suggest you don’t ‘think’ about what you have found in the house or try to ‘figure it out’. When we do that we are in our heads and block out any new messages or images that could arise. Open your heart and listen. Trust your instincts. You’re doing great!
It is absolutely normal to see in your crystal ball without trying. You have a special gift – embrace it.
Much love,

Dear Kk,
That’s awesome. Having your grandma keeping you safe is a great gift she is offering you. The first step to learning more is to accept and say thank you for your gifts. You will open up more and more as you become ready for each step. Pay attention to your instincts – people, messages, books will ‘appear’ to you that will help you learn.
Much love,

9. ashley burke - January 7, 2009

I have a question as a child I could hear people talking to me but couldn’t see them I told my mom and grandma and they thought I was crazy and I was lieing and after that it stopped I was like 8 years old at this time and I completly forgot about that till last night how to I get that gift back what do I do? and why did I randomly remember that?

10. greenlavender - January 8, 2009

Dear Ashley,

You’re already on your way to revealing that gift. You never lost it, you simply buried it based on what you learned as a child from your mom and grandma. Your intention to bring it out again will present you the tools you need to help you.

All the best,

11. Odette - May 1, 2009

Hi Natasha. Was just doing some research via the web and came across your blog. Nice to see what you are doing here by supporting others the way you do.

Bright Blessings
Odette Nightsky

greenlavender - September 29, 2010

Thank you Odette!

12. babitha - May 4, 2009


Spirits are wandering souls, only few people understnads them, there are many many diffrent type of spiritts not all are same,, but i will like to adv please donot encourage them that you will help them or of any other. Yes surely you can have an alladin in your house but please be careful he will grant you everything that you need but then in return we become their slave its called rn- anu -bandhana it means debt- bond… so please be very very careful today you can ask hm for a plate of gold coins but tomorow in return you pledge your life on tht plate for its his right now to ask his request where you cannot say NO.


greenlavender - September 29, 2010

Thank you for visiting and for taking the time to comment Bibitha.

13. Priyanka - February 28, 2010

I am scared.
I hate the darkness because I feel as if someone can come anytime.
I cant see spirits but I can feel them..whenever I feel something weird..my head starts to burn but my hands remain frozen..I can really use some help..

Cleo - March 9, 2010

A fear of the dark is actually a fairly common occurence among humans. Wether it be because of a childhood memory associated with the dark or years of being accustomed to the frightening Hollywood creepy crawlies that make themselves known at night. Most human beings like to be in control of their life and their surroundings. And as most humans’ vision becomes limited in the dark, the control a person has is greatly limited.
It has been my experinece in my admitingly limited span of eighteen years of life that very few people can truly see spirits, but many can feel them. Clairsentinence is one of the most common “psychic”(I put that word in quotes because I find all the senses, both in the realm of the physical and the realm of spiritual to be completely natural–and the word ‘psyhci’ rarely lends itself to tangible things) phenomena humans experience. Many people feel spirits, be too many also ignore their feelings. Those of us that choose to trust our instincts often feel the effects of the dearly departed in different ways.
Some people get minor headaches, while others expereince major migraines. I myself usually get the chills, or an empty pocket in my stomach. It’s sort of like the feeling you get when you’re on a swing and you’ve swung high and are plummeting down. That brief feeling of nausea and pure excitment.
I won’t tell you not to be scared. Some of these feelings are scary things(I often wake up convinced that I’m falling). But I would encourage you to examine your perceptions on what spirits are and what it is you feel.
For centuries society has told us that these feelings are not natural, not scientific, and impossible. Anyone who ever went to highschool knows how the outcasts are treated(I know, I was and remain one of them). With these sensations that manifest in the presence of the unknown comes fear of being misunderstood(by family, the outside world, or even the spirits around you).
Know that most of the fear you experience you make yourself. You probably feared the dark before you felt the presence of spirits, and over the years as your senses have evolved you’ve built up upon an existing fear.If you’ve never been fortunate enough to live in a family where these extra senses are considered common, you may not know what to make of them when you have them. And humans as a species have shown tremendous fear of new, bizzare things throughout history. I will give you my solemn vow that, no matter what anyone ever tells you, no spirit can harm you if you don’t let them. Often times, people set themselves up for nasty hauntings by playing silly games like calling spirits at a slumber part or saying the name of some fictional murder in the mirror several times. Don’t give spirits an opening. That having been said, if you are one of the very selected few who are very, very adept at using your other senses and you decide to use those skills to help spirits, you need to realize that when you do open yourself as a gateway you risk coming against some pretty frightening things.
On another note however, many spirits aren’t cruel. They aren’t harmful, sinister, or evil. They’re simply trying to reach out and grab a bit of the life they left behind. Some won’t even know the discomfort they cause you, and others may be family you’ve never met but are taking the opportunity granted to them by death to get to know you. And in the meantime while you try to sort through your senses and examine yourself, you may want to consider installing a nightlight, or covering your ceiling and walls with glow in the dark stars(I have them, and they are very calming and pretty). It may help to ease your anxiety while you try to cope with spirit-caused pains. I hope you

greenlavender - September 29, 2010

Cleo, you are very wise at 18! I love hearing that younger generations are as open as you are. It brings hope that the world will be a better place for all. Thank you so much for leaving your reply.
Much love,

greenlavender - September 29, 2010

Priyanka, thank you for taking the time to comment. Cleo has responded very well, I don’t have anything more I can add.
Take care,

14. Dhakey - August 13, 2010

i wan to talk to spirits

15. greenlavender - September 29, 2010

Hello Dhakey, if you will it and are open to it, it will happen in due time. Patience is key.
Much love,

16. jess - October 30, 2010

i have had few experiences but prominent ones.i sometimes feel a touch or a breeze hitting me…ive never talked to anyone about this.i always have this feeling that im not alone, but cant explain it.i want to help in whatever way i can, because i know that these spirits want me to know their presence.plz guide me.


17. Amanda - July 1, 2011

Hi I’m not sure if I have a gift for seeing spirits although I’ve always been extremely afraid of the dark because I thought there were people there that I couldn’t see…I’m still afraid of the dark actually. Either way…

The spirit of a woman is stuck in my bedroom I think or maybe she just likes it there or needs something…? I saw her one night watching me seep…I’ve felt her standing behind me but refused to look (b/c I’m mildly afraid of her well the idea of her watching me) she touched me that night I felt it on my leg….and recently every night when I get into bed and I’m ready to turn off the light and go to sleep I feel her presence…I’m not sure what to do…

The other night I tried speaking to her because I thought I could feel her there…but I didn’t get a response…or maybe I’m not doing it correctly…as soon as I started speaking I felt her leave. I’ve only actually seen her that one time, but I feel her standing over me every night. And the one time I did see her she was clear as day like a live woman was sitting by bed.

I’d like to help her…Her clothes are old possibly early 1900’s or earlier I know that sounds crazy, but I’ve seen her and she seems very nice and kind of lonely…I don’t know what to do for her.. I know this post is really old, but everything I find on the internet seems so fake like call 1-800-ghostbusters and we’ll help you! lol so I was hoping you’re still around to help if you can…Thanks,

18. Lucas Russo - August 28, 2011

Hi im here to develop a way to help a friend who wants to stop seeing, hearing, and felling spirits.
She opened up for me not very ago(yesterday) and she came to my city because of what she had passed in her hometown whit her parents and etc… but since yesterday she really hadn´t told me what her real problem was and what would defenitly change her from wanting to be alone all the time and wanting to die early.
For wanting to live and try to change her way of aways running away from her problems(which are alot), since a few months ago she told she hears a cat rorning at her when she sleeps but it didnt pass that and lately she said she was trying to change herself from the inside and outside she even got a new hair cut but i still dont believe she changed from the inside even though she is speaking to me and some people of the building more frequently she is still afraid of the things she cant explain and that is what is making her a sad person who doesnt want to live.(before i though her problem was whit the family she had left behind and her only friend that she lost and the boy that she loved but dindt love her back)
What can i do to help her and please reply soon cause she is leaving the town in a few months and me too.
Here is what i tinker i will watch 2 movies whit her , a brilliant mind and sixth sense in the same day and when the second movie finish i will let her dicide if she believes there is life after death or if she is crazy and will have to learn to live whit it, depending in what she chooses i dont quite now what to do next so please help me help her i really like her and i would like to make a difference in her life which she tells me she has helped everyone and no one has helped her what can i do!!!

19. Cathy - February 21, 2012

can you please advise. I’ve helped a number of spirits cross over and it’s always been a beautiful experience. There is one at a friends house who I’m trying to help. I’ve got that it feels trapped, can’t find a way out and is scared to cross for fear of whats there. That’s as near as I can explain it in short on here. Before I’ve always had eg. family come to meet them, a bridge to cross and a nice scene. This time I was totally thrown when instead no one came and the scene looked dark and scary. I wouldn’t want to go towards it either !! Can you please explain and advise. Thanks & blessings, Cathy.

20. jill jones - June 2, 2012

this is not a reply to above but to say i am struck by the genuine feel of this site , i lost my darling chap 3 years back and ‘life’ has been extra tough since, i have had quite a few varied experiences, touches, smells but it still like ‘they’ are in another room although close by you cannot often get the DOOR open….we try and live in hope thanks for being there its dark days for me j

21. Lindsey - May 7, 2013

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so where can i do it please assist.

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