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Ramblings About The Afterlife November 26, 2006

Posted by greenlavender in Energy, Life, Mediumship, Metaphysical, New age, Spirituality.

I was driving down the highway the other night and admired the amazing moon hovering over the horizon. I could see just a thin strip on the right side of it, it was bright and astonishing. I told my husband: “I am admiring this beautiful picture, as I don’t know if I’ll ever get to experience this ever again.” I could see the huge question mark in his eyes.

The afterlife is pure light. There is no darkness. Nor is there negativity. Although it is very similar to earth, with fields of grass, flowers, trees, it’s nature in it’s purest form, you can’t see a shining crescent moon at night.  

Since we are in spirit form in the afterlife, there is also no sense of touch. While you are reading this post, what are you touching? What does it feel like? Enjoy every minute of it, as you don’t know how long or how much touch you will be able to experience. Experience every sense in it’s fullest, every minute of your life. Even when you think you are busy, take the time to appreciate every little thing. That’s what you are here for. You have chosen to live a life on Earth first to learn lessons, but also to appreciate what you can’t experience in the afterlife. The Earth is like a university, a learning ground. We are constantly learning, every single second.

My advice for today: trust your instincts to the fullest (they are never wrong, even if you might think they are sometimes), trust that you will be ok, and appreciate everything about life… everything. 



1. Nancy - November 27, 2006

Thank you, I needed that

2. greenlavender - November 27, 2006

My pleasure.

3. cordieb - May 2, 2009

Very beautiful post. . . somewhat saddens me that I may not have the sense of touch in the after life; perhaps other senses we know not of will be developed in the after life. I do try to turst my instinct; however, oftentimes I can’t descern if it’s my instinct or ego that is talking to me. It can be a very thin, translucent line for me. I’ve enjoyed reading your pages this evening. I’m going to read each one you listed on your latest post. If I don’t comment; do know my presense was there.

Peace, Light and Love. . . CordieB.

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