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“Your mind is creative, original and alert” November 28, 2006

Posted by greenlavender in About a Medium, Life, Mediumship, Metaphysical, New age, Personal, Spirituality.

I just opened up my fortune cookie and that’s my fortune. Cool, I needed that.

I did something amazing the other night. Remember my blue shirt spirit visitor? Well, I encountered him last Saturday, just before leaving for my show. I decided that even though I only had 10 minutes left, I would speak to him to try and figure out how to help him. In other words, I defeated resistance and stopped ignoring him.

So, I got that he died in 1988 in a car accident, around Trois-Rivière (QC), and that he doesn’t remember if his wife was with him at the time (I also think he’s got a daughter, but I’m not sure). Ok, so I’ve got some info to go on. I decided to sit at my computer and do a little research. Without much luck, I sayed it would be really nice to have a name I could use. I got “Jacques”, but it didn’t feel like that was his name. I searched on Google for a car accident in 1988 with “Jacques” and Trois-Rivières. While searching, I asked for his name. I got something which I assumed was “Richard”, ’cause it sounded like an “r” and a “ch”. I was brought to a list of police officers from the “Sureté du Québec (SQ)” who have died. I scrolled down to 1988 and one name jumped out: “Rolland Larochelle” from the SQ-Joliette. What d’ya know, he died of a car accident, and it sayed his wife’s name was Raymonde Ricard.

How do I know that’s the guy visiting me? I searched a little bit more on that specific name. I clicked on a Web site link from Google and suddenly felt like I was hit with a tone of bricks. Here it is, with a photo of the exact man I have been seeing in my house: http://www.cacp.ca/english/memoriam/profile.asp?memnum=217

Now I just have to figure out how to help him exactly. If you knew this man or know his family, please let me know, I’d really appreciate it.

I’m psyched! This is pretty cool! I can’t wait to find out more.

Now after all this, some people might think that my mind is VERY creative, original and, well, maybe not as alert. Ah well, who cares what people think.



1. fluidspirit - November 29, 2006

You ARE pretty courageous & established to write about this. Sometimes if enough people send me doubt, I start doubting myself. Wow Greenlavender, I’ve got goose bumps. 🙂 Isnt it only long-consciousness kind of souls that hang around the earth realm? I also heard that people who are ‘tied with the earth’ have a hard time going further .. such as in the case when someone burried some treasure & then kicked the bucket.

2. greenlavender - November 29, 2006

Thanks Fluidspirit.

Some souls have such sudden deaths that they don’t even realize they are dead, so don’t know they should be crossing-over. Some just feel they need to finish something before being comfortable with crossing-over, like ensuring a loved-one is ok. There are so many cases, it would be impossible to list all of them. But just know that there are many souls in the Earth realm, for many different reasons.


3. fluidspirit - November 30, 2006

They say there are no coincidences, and we die the way we live. As is our life, so is our moment of death. Death is a bit of a taboo, but such an important moment in the ongoing transformation of the human soul. There are sudden deaths .. a person thinks a certain way, goes on with their life, and suddenly gets trapped under the wheels of a bus or somethin’. That was not a coincidence. Anyway, those souls are lucky to have mediums like you 🙂 Any contact with other civilizations? he he The Orion constellation has always fascinated me. When some Orion stars went into allignment like 5 or 6 years ago, the earth’s polarity changed a bit, and planes had to replace their navigational equipment, because “north” was off by a fraction of a degree .. anyway, off topic here 🙂

4. songdeva - December 26, 2006

I’m a singer and developing medium (neat parallel?!). I got started with rescue mediumship and would be happy to converse re: this topic if you still need help. Helping spirits to cross is something I still do though its generally not taught in classes here, at least that I’ve been to. And its an amazing experience.

5. greenlavender - December 27, 2006

I would love to chat with you Songdeva, regarding helping spirits to cross. I am still unsure of how to help them out and would really appreciate your help.

6. Lackey - May 19, 2008

i landed up here from orkut’s fortune! 😀

7. cordieb - May 3, 2009

So, did you ever find out anything more regarding this. . . the link you gave for the pic no longer works. . . but I managed to find another, the link is here. Let me know if you found out anything else. This is quite fascinating I must say.

Here’s the link . . .http://www.odmp.org/canada/officer/391-constable-roland-larochelle

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