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Don’t Be Afraid… I Am Safe. December 28, 2006

Posted by greenlavender in About a Medium, Acting, Energy, Life, Metaphysical, New age, Personal, Spirituality.

Don’t be afraid… don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid… No, that’s not what I should be saying!!! I am safe, I am safe, I am safe.

After watching the video “The Secret” with some girlfriends, thanks to Trish I made myself a “vision board” — a collage of images representing what I want in my life. I look at it and I feel great. That’s what I want! It makes me happy to visualize my life as an actor… a successful one. That’s what I have on my board. Plus other stuff too, like a woman meditating, at peace with herself, a picture of a happy family (which I already have, I just want it to last), pictures from around the world (travelling), a Jeep (yeah, a few material things too… I’ve always wanted a Jeep 🙂 ).

When I look at the acting images on my board, I feel happy. My heart starts beating like bass in techno music, then it goes faster, and faster, and faster. Whoa… what is that? FEAR! Fear of being known, fear of being in the public eye, fear of being judged, fear of not being liked, you name it. But I want to act!!! Acting makes me happy!!! So, I read one of my previous posts: Nostalgia, I wrote: “Think about what you are scared of doing and you’ll find exactly what you’re supposed to do”. Wow, I wrote that? Why do I have to be so wise? I should listen to myself more often.

What if I become that successful actor I so want to be and all is ok? What if people like me and don’t judge me? I will have spent all this time being afraid for nothing! Perhaps while I am visualizing myself as a successful actor, I could visualize people liking my work — although I most likely would not be successful if people did not like my work, so they go hand-in-hand!

Now it’s just a question of keeping on telling myself “I am safe” all will be ok!



1. fluidspirit - December 31, 2006

Greenlavender – wishing you an awesome 2007 girl!!!

2. halfnotes - December 31, 2006


We call that “mind mapping,” and it’s some seriously powerful stuff! We got our house that way (visualizing exactly what you want, I mean), and my awesome piano, and a car … no, I’m not kidding, we really did! It’s hard sometimes to get rid of all the fears we keep in our minds, but if we clear them out often enough, and envision our success often enough, there’s no limit to waht you can do. You’ll have an awesome ride!

3. greenlavender - January 1, 2007

Same to you Fluidspirit!!! And to all readers!

Thanks Halfnotes!

4. songdeva - January 7, 2007

It just slays me. Everytime I read another of your posts, it’s something that is a complete parallel for my own life. I just watched the Secret with some friends/spiritual allies and it really kinda sums it all up, doesn’t it? I’ll post about it soon.

5. greenlavender - January 8, 2007

Awesome! Did watching The Secret make you feel all wonderful inside, like it filled you up with hope and security about life?

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