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“Fear is the primary emotion that prevents us from taking action.” January 7, 2007

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I just came out from the washroom and had to write about what I just read… Oh don’t judge, you read in the washroom too, you’re just not open about it… 🙂

I am reading Learn to Power Think by Caterina Rando. I picked a random page of the book, as I usually do, and read this:

Learn to Power Think“Fear comes from not knowing if the action we want to take is the right action, the one that will work. We could lose some money, some aspect of our reputation, some self-confidence. These concerns, while they relate to perfectly plausible scenarios, are in an important sense fantasies — we will not know the truth until we take the action.

Many experienced, successful actors say that they still suffer stagefright before every show. The fear is something they routinely go through. Once you learn what it feels like to burst through fear to success, you will wonder what held you back all this time.”

Funny how a few days after I start seeing things clearly regarding a subject I have been thinking about for a while (such as fear lately), I read something that confirms my exact thoughts on the subject. It’s like a sign that I am on the right track.



1. halfnotes - January 8, 2007


Sometimes the best insights come from the washroom!

2. greenlavender - January 8, 2007


3. askaspirit - January 8, 2007

One thing that I’ve found that helps me is to think of something I’ve already done that I was afraid to do, and how great I felt after doing it.

About the readings – what I did to get some practice was to ask some friends if they wanted to volunteer to be my “guinea pigs” for practice readings and coaching sessions. That makes it a bit easier, and takes some of the “pressure to perform” off, because they’re not expecting perfection and you can relax and have fun with it:-)

4. greenlavender - January 9, 2007

Great idea, thanks AskaSpirit!

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