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“On Loneliness”, by Diane Lanthier January 10, 2007

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On Loneliness 

On Loneliness
Angelic wisdom to comfort and inspire
Channelled by Diane Lanthier


“On Living in Light

Why do so many think there is inevitably good and evil? Why don’t you get past this self-fulfilling societal existence and instead believe that all can be good and fortunate and worthy? This belief that there exists badness inevitably creates that same badness. It is negative energy that manifests as opposed to a world of positive energy and love that could change your world. But it starts at the individual level. How can you believe in a world of good if you don’t believe you can have what you want and are worthy of the same? You have to believe, you have to know that you deserve the good and the happy and the love that you yearn for. And see it in other people. When you view others, and imagine their lives, and think that they are happier than you, remember that they most likely have the same feelings of self-doubt and fear and loneliness as you do. Are they truly happy? Or does it just seem so? Enough with the playacting to make others believe what is untrue.”




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