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Channelled message – day I. January 12, 2007

Posted by greenlavender in About a Medium, Channelled Messages, Empowering, Energy, Life, Mediumship, Metaphysical, New age, Personal, Spirituality.

I am writing to you as a guide, not as a person. Please understand that you should not be afraid of us. That voice you hear in your head when you ask yourself questions is not you. Listen to it. It is crucial in this time. You should not fear what is there to help you, but rather embrace it and let it help you through difficult and easier times too.

That voice you heard as a child when playing by yourself,  you were not playing alone. We have always been there. You have chosen your guide even before you started your life on Earth. Trust it, trust yourself, trust in life. You are not alone.

Many of you allow for insecurities to get in the way of truly living your life, think about where those insecurities are coming from. How have you lived your life, what experiences created those insecurities? If you look deep down, you will realize that you have nothing to fear. You have gone through things you might have thought were the end of you at the time, but where are you now? Everything you have gone through in your life made you who you are today. Embrace who you are. Embrace your childhood. Believe in the person you truly are, not who you would like to be. Chances are that the person you would like to be would like to be you.

I leave you with those thoughts for today.



1. songdeva - January 12, 2007

Stop it stop it stop it. Again I am blown away by synchronicity. This is pretty much what I spent my first waking hour today considering (apologies for syntax). Who I am before editing, before past experiences, and how to move forward as the purest version of myself/spirit. Thanks for not being afraid to post this! Seems like a new thing for you?

2. greenlavender - January 12, 2007

I was afraid to post this, at first. After re-reading the message a few times, I started thinking about all the other posts I was afraid to publish but did anyway, and realized that it helped people and that it wasn’t “the end of me”.

I am happy it touched you. It helps me be confident to post more.

I have been channelling for a little while, just not publicly.

3. Nancy Kenny - January 12, 2007

I thank you

my guide thanks you

4. Fluid - January 12, 2007

There was a seance with a medium who chanelled some famous writer after he passed away. This writer was riding on waves of accolades. But after death/transitioning to the other side, the writer gained new insight into things and said through the medium that his whole literature was worthless. Absolute garbage! Because he wrote for himself, for the glorification of his own ego, to show off his own greatness – and only ‘on the other side’ he realized that his life’s work went to waste, because he didn’t create anything universal – nothing for God – only from the perspective of his little self. Interesting huh?

5. greenlavender - January 13, 2007

Interesting indeed! I just mentioned to my friend Nancy who wants to get back into painting, that the only thing that matters is that she paints from her heart. It should be that way for everything we do in life. Anything coming from the heart (or the soul) is true.

6. dree - January 13, 2007

So glad to find this here. I’m just ‘coming out of the closet’ a bit more about these things. They have always been a part of me but I always found so much resistance in my close environment that I’m ‘afraid’ to express this side too. As an artist, it’s easy to work around. But I decided about six months ago to be less afraid. Feel much better although often challenged. Would love to be connected. Hope you’ll take the time to explore my site a bit……
Cheering you on!

7. Gabriel - January 14, 2007

I love it, and I mean that, it is comforting to the soul adds taste and has a wonderful way of telling the message. Its well written and does not bore the reader.

Its simply wonderful!


8. greenlavender - January 14, 2007

Dree, I completely understand where your fear comes from. I was terrified of talking about this to anyone I knew. I found my blog to be my way out. It was easier to write about it and wait for reactions than face them directly. To my surprise, reactions were good. I was afraid that some people would leave ugly comments, but I suppose if they don’t want to hear about these things they just don’t stay on my site, which is fine by me. All of my comments have been very supportive.
I have to confess that most of my family members or long-time friends still don’t know about this blog, nor my ‘openness’. Slowly, I am revealing that side of me, one by one. Everything has worked out fine up to now. I have even been surprised by the openness I encountered.
The one amazing thing about being open about my spirituality is that I get to meet other people with the same beliefs. What a relief to find out I am not alone! 🙂
I visited your site and loved it! I will definitely keep visiting.


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