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Vision interpretation — need your help. January 16, 2007

Posted by greenlavender in About a Medium, Energy, Life, Mediumship, Metaphysical, New age, Personal, Spirituality.

I have visions once in a while. I’m not really used to them yet. They’re similar to when I see a spirit — the same type of “seeing”.  I had a vision two evenings ago and I can’t figure out what it means exactly, or who it came from. Let me describe it:

I saw an entity come towards me — I say entity because I don’t know what it was. I have never seen anything like it before. It was tall and had the overall outline of a human, but looked like it was made of gelatin, or water or something. It was navy blue with a turquoise spot on the face area (it had no facial details) and light blue reflections all over. Very friendly entity, not at all negative. It leaned down, like to tell me a secret, and whispered (in French): “I have a message for you: It will happen soon”. He turned around and left, even though I tried to ask him who he was (I think he’s male). 

I’ve been having the feeling that whatever is meant for me, remember: Something huge, but I don’t know what, when or how… will be happening soon. I have new guides accompanying me since last week — a few actually. One who’s named Christine. She is the one I have been channelling in my last posts. My lifelong guide, Benjamin, is always around. Alain, who is helping me with the career change is also still here. But I also feel like there are quite a few other people around me, just not as close. So this vision I had, the message, it’s scaring me a little. I know I should trust, and I do. But I am still afraid. Afraid because I don’t know what is coming. I don’t try to figure it out, I know it’s pointless. When I ask my guides to give me hints, they tell me they can’t, that I am not suppose to know before it happens. So, I wait. And I follow my instincts… it gets me to post channelled messages, and paint.

I have been painting Princess Diana. Why, you ask? I have no clue whatsoever! If you look at my paintings, you’ll see that it doesn’t quite fit. But, I had a very strong feeling I had to paint Lady Di. So that’s what I’m doing.

Anyway, if you know who the entity is in my vision, please let me know.

Vision entity idea - visualize this image without the nose and mouth and eyes.  

This image gives you at least a vague idea of what he looked like. I took the image from the new Fantastic Four movie.



1. resourceful - January 17, 2007

I’m not gonna be any help, but the colours are similar to the energy intensity patterns seen when viewed through a FLIR camera. I’d be interested to know if you see non-chemical-induced patterns out the corner of your eye when driving down dark roads paralleled with hi-voltage power lines.

2. Carol - January 17, 2007

I’m not going to be much help either, but from the sound of it, it’s something good.

And here’s another strange “coincidence” – I have a friend Christine who’s on the other side now, and guess what? She was a very gifted psychic in life. Interesting, huh?:-)

3. greenlavender - January 17, 2007

Resourceful, I don’t know if I see those patterns on a dark road paralleled with hi-voltage power lines, but I sure will try to find out the next time I am driving at night.

Carol, it does sound good! I have no bad feeling about it at all, so I shouldn’t be afraid, right?!

4. Steffanye Thomas - January 17, 2007

You’ll see, things will happen in due time just like your latest blog was saying… I really believe that something positive is coming, trust me you were in my dream 3 night ago and you and I were chatting about how life is changing for us (for the better) Don’t remember much but we were in a field having lunch and the sun was shinning and I remember feeling really warm. To me this is a positive feeling… I’ll keep you posted on anything else I see or dream 🙂

5. greenlavender - January 17, 2007

Cool! Thanks Steff!

6. halfnotes - January 18, 2007


I probably won’t be much help, either, but the fact that this entity was blue (throat chakra color) but had no mouth was intriguing. Perhaps it was just encouraging you in your mediumship because you will soon be speaking messages more clearly and powerfully than before.

As for the “what’s coming” part … my guides are just as elusive about that part as yours! I think they know that, often, if we know what we’re headed for before we get there, we’ll just screw things up by trying to change them to fit our own ideas of what’s best for us!

Did you notice if this spirit had any hair? When I was little, I had repeated visits from a bald spirit, and I wonder if it’s the same one in a different manifestation. It scared me, but I was only about four or five at the time, and no one in my family ever talked about that kind of stuff, so I kept it to myself.

7. greenlavender - January 18, 2007

Thanks Halfnotes,

I appreciate you pointing out the color representing the throat chakra. In my last acting class in December, my teacher told me I needed to speak up more in my acting. I am shy in my life and I hesitate when I speak from fear of saying the wrong thing — that was coming through in my acting, even though I follow scripts. That got me thinking of my life and why I am so hesitant to speak out. I have been working on that for the past month, so to have the throat chakra color pointed out to me is fascinating.

I am convinced that if I knew what was coming I would most likely unconsciously try to change the outcome. So I am glad I don’t know, in a way.

The entity did not have any hair. I call it ‘entity’ because I don’t feel like I can call it a ‘spirit’. It’s really weird. It’s like someone or something from another planet. It really only had the outline of a human body, nothing else, no hair, no eyes, no mouth, no nose, no clothes. It moved like it was floating and the blue color flowed like energy. I am sure it was energy, but from where? I just have to learn to accept what is and that the answer will come in due time. It’s called patience I guess. 🙂

8. Gabriel - January 25, 2007

Well my opinion if you don’t mind is ask, from above what it means.


9. Katwoman - March 2, 2007


I really enjoyed reading about your vision, and I had to share with you this……..First, do not be afraid of the message “It will happen soon”. That was nobody but your Guardian Angel telling you that something that you are wishing or hoping for “It will happen soon” for example (getting married, and new job or career, a new friend, etc.) Your Guardian Angel came to you in a vision with the appearance of something you are familiar with so that it would not scare you (also remember that an Angel does not have sexual gender). The color Navy Blue and Turquoise symbolizes and certain amount of energy that surrounds the message (please remember the tone that the voice spoke in). Guardian Angels often speak to you with a foreign accent, and sometimes using your own voice or a voice that is very familiar to you (like your Mom, Dad, Sibling, etc), or even sounds of music, pleasant smells from your past like flowers, perfumes, etc. and sometimes that is your answer to your question. This is really an important message because God or his Angels will not intervene in your life because of “The Law of Free Will” meaning that you must ask for their “Divine Guidenance” They will only intervene in your life to warn you of “Danger”.

In this case as I said you are hoping for something better in your life and your Guardian Angel has heard your thoughts and responded. However, keep your eyes open the paints of Princess Diana seems to symbolize a tragic accident. You may be the person that can solve the case of who really was responsible for the death/car accident of Princess Diana and why. If so, you have a very imporant mission on this Earth dealing with the Paranormal, Crime solving, or anything dealing with solving major issues.

Also, for future references please be careful of your thoughts because they can be heard even if you did not speak what you are thinking.

Good Luck

10. greenlavender - March 2, 2007

Thank you so much Katwoman, your comment is extremely helpful.

Much love,

11. imparare - April 15, 2007

Interesting comments.. 😀

12. Krystal - June 1, 2008

I need your help. I also have visions every now and then, but its been a while. I was hoping you could help because I don’t know who to go to. I recently saw a cat that does not exist. My boyfriend of four years, which I have a child with, broke up with me a couple of months ago. He is staying with a married couple that is friends with him. I picked him up from their house the other day and while I was waiting for him to come out, I saw the curtains blowing and a white and tan (or similar colored) fluffy cat sitting in the window. Later I asked him if he needed to go back and close the window, and we were talking about his allergies and I brought up the cat. He swore up and down there was no cat at the house and the window was closed. I looked at the outside of the house and there is no ledge in front of the window for the cat to sit on. I know it was on the inside, staring out at me. What the heck does this mean??? We are both Christians and rely heavily upon God. If anyone can interpret this for me I’d appreciate it. Oh, and the time I’ve seen “entities” before, they were as you described- silvery, but without the blue, at least to start with, but still no blue. My e-mail is Krystal_rain@hotmail.com Thanks

13. greenlavender - June 13, 2008

Dear Krystal,

I can not see the meaning of the cat vision for you, unfortunately. What that tells me is that you might not yet be ready to receive that information. What I can suggest, is that you simply accept what you saw as being true and let go of it. Do not try to find the answer but rather let it come to you when the time is right.

Hope this helps a bit.

Much love,

14. clay - September 5, 2008

maybe you all can shed some light on a series of recent events that have got my mind reeling. Lately, and very frequently today, I have been having mini visions of violent things happening to me and others around me. Let me precede this with that I have no desire to hurt myself or others, which is why I think the visions are coming from an outside source. They are all situational possibilities. If i hold a knife, I see me cutting myself or stabbing myself deeply. On the train platform, I sometimes get a flash of me jumping in front of the train. I have gotten flashes of falling and impaling myself or accidentally breaking my neck. Tonight, I felt a vibrant and pulsing energy in the air like something was coming, and I would have quick flashes of bad things. Hurricanes, car accidents, muggings. Now I could understand where this would come from if my mind was geared in that direction, but I am a peaceful, loving and happy person. I feel like it’s a warning, or maybe I’m tuning in to a universal energy. Does any one else feel it?

As for your vision. I see it that the being was coming to you to ask you to look toward yourself. It was formless, and reflected light. The formlessness seems to me to be a blank slate, something that you can create. Water and gelatin are moldable and can take on many forms. perhaps it came to you like this to lend itself to an openness to you. Painters are often faced with the blank canvass. Perhaps this canvass is you. Also, water is a symbol of renewal and cleansing. Maybe you do need to get ready for something. It could be asking you to be open to what is coming by cleansing yourself and being open to the change. I would look to the paintings and see what they are saying. What has slipped in subliminally? Don’t look to hard though, you may miss the answer.

15. Julie - September 24, 2008

Please help me with this vision: the first one was about a year ago, i was drivin and about 50 ft in front of the car a “crone” flew out of the tree line and in front of my car. As she got directly in front of me, she turned her head and looked me in the eye. She never slowed down on her flight across the road. She was all gray with long hair that melded into her a ragged edged flowing dress. The second one was at the exact spot in the road. I saw a circle of dark figures in the middle of the road, when i got approx. 50 ft. from them they dissapeared. They were dancing around a dead child. These visions, if that is what they are, are terribly upsetting and I would like to know the meaning of them. Thank you

16. curious mom - October 8, 2008

Hello, I’m searching for some possible meaning behind an experience my 7-yo daughter had this evening. She hurried back from washing her hands in the bathroom, and told me (with a look of surprise) that she had “all of a sudden” seen an indian standing in a sunny meadow. He yelled Ho! at a herd of horses, then an eagle flew down from a mountain, making an eagle sound. She was emphatic about hearing the sounds, as much as seeing it all just “like real” (instead of her hands, while she was washing them at the sink). This is the third time in her life she’s had odd experiences. The first was at age three, when she mentioned “the people in the sky” who had told her something – then, seeing my surprise, she wouldn’t talk about them any more. The second she woke up seeing “a jellyfish” floating up to her in the darkness, and spent the whole next day making no-jellyfish signs to hang around her bedroom. The “bad” “jellyfish” that approached her was like a ball of light with a swishy tail. How can you tell the difference between an imaginative child, and something more than that? I’m curious if there could be any significance to the Indian (Native American), especially since we live in Oklahoma and have some Cherokee in our lineage. Curious tonight, seeking answers – now enjoying your blog – thanks.

17. curious mom - October 9, 2008

Hi again – I’ve been feeling embarrassed for coming and posting on your blog comments last night. I was just so curious, and had to wait for registration to be activated at some psychic message boards. (blush) I read through other people asking for help here, and chimed in. I think your experiences – and everyone else’s! – are very interesting, and I hope they are for coming good in your life. I love your artwork, especially “Only Time Will Tell” (how appropriate!) and “Angel.” Maybe I will see you at a message board someday.

18. lavette stockard - October 10, 2008

In the past few days I have been noticing an unusual amount of white vehicles in comparison with all other colors…can you explain if that means anything?

19. greenlavender - October 15, 2008

Dear Clay,
I was taken aback by your comment, as I was also experiencing similar visions in early September. Every time I’d drive over the train track near my house, I’d see the train ramming into it on my side. Or driving over a bridge, I’d see myself losing control of the car and slide over the side of the bridge. Many more similar visions were haunting me, all happening in flashes. Quick images like you see in movies where scientists are trying to brainwash a person with a screen flashing images rapidily. It was a little disconcerting. The energy in my house was also disturbed – it was affecting my sleep and during the day i’d constantly find excuses to get out with my family. I thought I was going crazy until I talked to my husband about it and found out he was also living a similar experience. We came to the conclusion that there was definitely a strange shift in energy that month and it was important to stay strong, focused and not take those visions upon our shoulders, to let them go as soon as they happened.
It lasted a few weeks, now they’re gone. I hope it’s the same for you.

Much love,

20. greenlavender - October 15, 2008

Dear Julie,

How fascinating! I am curious to know if you had those visions at night… I have a friend who constantly sees dark figures on the road when she drives at night. She sees so many they just fly by her car. When she first talked about it she had tears in her eyes. It was clear it was disturbing to her, understandably; she had no idea what they were and thought she was the only one living this. She found out later that her soul is from the Wizards realm*. Meaning, she is a witch. A ‘witch’ is a good person, unlike its common definition. It seems that seeing dark figures and spirits at night while driving is a common characteristic among witches. I learned about a friend of my step-Mom’s that is also a witch and also experiences the same thing.

If that is the case for you, then my advice is to try to see these visions as a gift showing you that the world is made up of more than what the common eye can see. I see spirits regularly, usually more in my house when I am relaxed and not thinking of anything, not often when I drive. When I first starting seeing them I didn’t know what to do about it and realized the first step was to accept my gift, then let go (stop analyzing what I saw), then answers appeared to me as to why I needed this. Answers still keep coming, and spirits too.

Hope this helps a bit…

Much love,

*A small percentage of the population are ‘Earth Angels’ – here to help the Earth’s and Human evolution. They are from different dimensions, including one called the Wizards. People from each dimension have very different characteristics. You can read more in Doreen Virtue’s book “Earth Angels”.

21. greenlavender - October 15, 2008

Dear Curious Mom,

The one reason why I started seeing what I see and knowing what I know years back was my son, who’s now seven years old. Like your daughter, he also had what I called ‘odd experiences’ at the time, since they were reaching unfamiliar territory for me. Like you, I started researching what they were and I quickly opened up to a whole new world of possibilities. Possibilities that were not taught to me when I was growing up, obviously because the adults around me were not aware of them.
I was raised in a particular religion (which I won’t mention since this is not a comment to bash it), and throughout my childhood I constantly felt something was not right with some aspects of what I was being taught. Today, I thank my son for showing me the truth and changing my life. My life feels true; I can get answers to any question I have and I feel fulfilled.
The new generations of children are very knowledgeable and are here to show us what we’ve been ignoring for centuries. There is more to this world than what our eyes can see. The way to this extraordinary world is through our instincts.
Curious mom, I invite you to follow your instinct regarding your daughter’s visions. Simply by asking for help shows me your instinct is telling you she is not just an imaginative child. It is crucial for her to stay open to these experiences for her to feel complete. The best way for you to help her is to listen to her and accept that she has a gift. She doesn’t need someone to explain to her what it all means, she already knows. As she grows up and remains open, she will most likely be able to share her knowledge with you.

I send you love and wish you comfort in knowing that you are not alone.

Much love,

22. greenlavender - October 15, 2008

Dear Lavette,

Noticing the unusual number of white cars shows that it most likely means something to you. Only you can identify its personal meaning.
White usually represents wholeness and completion or new beginnings. Starting from this information, look at what is going on in your life presently and you might find your answer. Don’t look to far, as you could get lost and not get an answer at all. It’s usually the first thought that comes to your mind.

Hope this helps!

Much love,

23. JoeYnaP - May 19, 2009

Are you sure that you are serious. How are you going to have a vision of a character off of the fantastic four. Sounds extremely creative but you did not fool me.

24. greenlavender - May 20, 2009

Well good, because I wasn’t trying to fool you.

25. JoeYnaP - May 20, 2009

Im sorry then. In this case I would like to ask you some questions. First, are you religious as it seems an angel has come to you. Also I believe that there could be two things that his message means. Either you have been waiting for something or even expecting something and he told you it will happen soon. Now before I get into the second one, I would like to share with you a bible verse.

Joel 2:27-29 (King James Version)

27And ye shall know that I am in the midst of Israel, and that I am the LORD your God, and none else: and my people shall never be ashamed.

28And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:

29And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit.

I believe you have been told that the new beginning will happen soon. I call it this because in revelation it says God will make a new heaven and a new earth and that all the systems of this world will fail and that God will rule as the ultimate leader the Alpha and Omega.

Ps. Im sorry I thought that you made this up. I have had bad past experiences. I hope I was some help to you.

26. JoeYnaP - May 20, 2009

I was just reading some of the comments. I am so sorry I was so quick to judge. Please get back to me because I have had dreams that there is chaos all around the world and that I had an underground fort where I would run to. I am only 18 years old.

27. greenlavender - June 23, 2009

Dear JoeYnaP, no worries. Everyone is faced with doubt at one point or another. I don’t take it personally.

Thank you for your wonderful comment. I also believe the Earth is being ‘renewed’ and the systems as we know them will crumble. Those who are ready and in touch with their soul will go through the change very easily.

You are still very young and sound very wise. It is your generation and the next that are going to ensure our life on Earth is transitioned to one of great peace and enlightenment.

Your vision of chaos I have also had. In fact, I have never wrote about it, so I will go create a new blog post right now and describe it, as I wish to share it with my readers. I’ll come back to link to it from here.

Much love,

28. greenlavender - June 23, 2009

JoeYnaP, here’s the description of the vision of chaos I had a couple of years ago: https://greenlavender.wordpress.com/2009/06/23/back-to-our-roots-a-vision-of-peace/

29. Ellen - September 20, 2010

As I was getting out of my parnter’s car I saw a white fluffy cat on the driveway right in front of me, staring contently into my eyes. It was a vision and when I told my partner that I had just seen a white cat, I almost suddenly felt as if I was imagining it and I saw it fading. It was a challenge to know within myself that I had seen it, as if I was meant to forget.

Do you have any suggestions?

30. greenlavender - September 29, 2010

Hello Ellen, animal visions can mean so many different things to each person. In your particular case, I am getting the feeling that the white cat represented your independance, strength and piece of mind. Whether the cat was really there or not is not important, it’s the fact that it stood out at you that means something.
Hope this helps…
Much love,

31. rose - November 13, 2010


I am a happy go lucky person in general. But its been a while nothing seems to be good .I can see black shadows around me and when I see them, something bad seems to take place. When talked to friends everybody just told that I’m stressed. I also didn’t take things seriously but it kept on happening… but recently when went to visit my friend I suddenly had a vision of a pentagram being drawn with blood.It was so real as if I was there when it was taking place. And the moment I looked up I saw some kind of portal opening up to the other side. It was mostly gray and black. There were lots of skeletons all screeching and howling trying to pull me up with them.. Within a fraction of second everything disappeared. The same night I dreamt of satan asking me to join him….. It all seemed strange. What does it mean?

32. michele - March 26, 2011

i had a dream and was told it was a vision by a native american seer. in my vision there was a man that never spoke. in my vision i found myself in a cabin, it was warm and lit with orange light. the man passed by me as if i wasn’t there. he picked a bow and arrow and pointed it at a door that was slightly open and i told him stop. i went to the door and opened it and to my left was a dead seal on the floor in front of me was a white eagle. i looked at the man and said dont hurt it when he took out a knife and cut off its head and laid it next to the body. i became very upset and asked why. he then moved to place the head of the eagle back on the body and stood it up. he let go and the eagle came back to life and turned and looked at me and i began to weep and i said please tell me what i can do to help you. it morphed into a very large mask of an eagle and spoke with a mans voice and said cry for me, cry your tears on me. i woke up crying. i was told that the man was the great spirit and the eagle is a great angel even more powerful than the great spirit and they are protecting me but i got no further explanation as to the meaning of my vision. then one day a friend told me sometimes its the journey for an understanding of your vision that is the answer….

33. noah parris - June 13, 2012

I don’t know much, but whoever gave the message is definitely some sort of light-based being. I think it is very much a possibility that he/she is referring to the big change that will happen at 11:11 am, 12/21/2012.

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