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Smoking Does Not Cause Cancer January 17, 2007

Posted by greenlavender in Emotions, Energy, Healing, Health, Life, Metaphysical, New age.

Smoking does not cause cancer. The behaviour or thought pattern that entices a person to smoke is the culprit. If smoking caused cancer, my grandfather would not have died of old age at 84, having smoked like a chimney all his life — never having cancer. 

Different reasons entice people to smoke. For some it’s that they don’t feel they fit in (that applies mostly to youth), some don’t know how to deal with everyday stress, for others it’s other reasons. A close friend of mine quit smoking last year and sayed to me after a few months that she never realized until she stopped smoking that she was such a stressed person. Smoking just masked the stress. She is now leYou Can Heal Your Life, by Louise Hayarning different ways of dealing with her stress.

All diseases are related to how we deal with our feelings and our thought patterns. Take me for example: I repressed sadness all my life. Three years ago I started having repetitive sinus infections. Sadness lies in the throat and sinuses. Once I delt with my sadness (I cried quite a lot — it didn’t matter why I was crying, I just cried), I stopped getting sinus infections. You can read about the causes of diseases and how to heal your body in the book You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.

There is one thought pattern that is common among people who smoke and get lung cancer — Not all smokers. According to Louise Hay, the lungs represent the ability to take in life. Lung cancer would be related to deep grief eating away at the self, or not feeling worthy of living life fully. If you smoke, does this sounds familiar? Then you are most likely living with that thought pattern. I want to be very specific when saying that not all smokers have this addiction for the same reason, not all live with the same thought pattern.

A message to those smokers: release your grief, life is worth living no matter who you are or what you have done or how you have lived. If you can get past that, you won’t want your body won’t feel the need to smoke anymore, and your body will thank you. 

This is not a message to bash smokers, as mentioned in some comments received on this post. I know many smokers and love them dearly. Some of them have been trying to quit for years and have not been successful. I do believe they want to quit and don’t want to smoke, my message is to try and help them — the ones that desperately are trying to quit and can’t understand why it is not working. In today’s society, we are tought to repress our feelings, that is what is making us sick. If society can come to terms with that, it will help it’s populations health greatly.



1. little indian - January 17, 2007


I agree many smokers, do so to relieve stress. But I know as many others who smoke because they enjoy it. They do so to be ‘in’ with the crowd, improve self image (whatever that may be).

Sooner or later they are trapped in their addiction, and will always find excuses for continuing their habit. I have even been told by some that they smoke because they want to die.

Its not just lung cancer, there are numerous other debilitating / potentially fatal conditions that can be precipitated by prolonged cigarette smoking.

Yes we all will die someday. But a lot of smokers do not realise how painful and disabling some of these medical conditions can be. If they did, they would think twice before lighting their next cigarette.

Your grandfather, I believe, was one of the few lucky ones.

Web Smith - May 1, 2011

Less than 1% of smokers get cancer so, his grandfather was not lucky and didn’t beat the odds.

2. fibrodenial - January 18, 2007

Please allow a smoker to chime in…

I started smoking because I wanted to lose weight. I quickly became addicted and have yet to be able to stop. I do not WANT to smoke… thus the term “addiction”. I’ve tried the patch, the gum, the inhaler… you name it, so please don’t tell me I just don’t want to quit badly enough either.

However, I do not believe that smoking “causes” cancer so much as it enables it. My grandmother had breast cancer and when I discovered my first lump I was invited to participate in a genetic study. Apparently, scientists have isolated very specific genes that predispose people to breast cancer. If you have the gene, you can expect to develop cancer some time in your life and if you don’t, odds are extremely slim to none that you ever will. I feel certain the same will ring true for smoking.

Keep in mind that cancer occurs mostly during the “repair” process. People predisposed to cancer will at some point develop a mutation in their cells. The more cells your body has to create to repair damaged cells, the more likely the chances of those mutated cells being created.

In leukemia, the white cells are mutated. It isn’t a problem as long as your body produces enough healthy white cells to compensate for the damaged ones or if the mutations are not severe enough to effect how those mutated cells function. But lets say a person with these mutated cells developes a serious infection… The body is going to produce higher numbers of white cells, thereby increasing the number of mutated cells, and since the cells aren’t healthy enough to fight the infection, the cycle begins and continues over and over.

Smoking can cause enough irritation in the lungs to trigger an influx of new cells and that is what leads to cancer. My aunt, who doesn’t smoke by the way, was diagnosed with colon cancer after several years of irritable bow syndrome. Had the colon not been undergoing constant cell repair, she probably would have been decades older before cancer developed. Likewise, people who don’t smoke that are predisposed to cancer may also develop the cancer sooner if they are repeatedly exposed to other harmful stimuli.

There was a lady in our hometime who never smoked and never was around second hand smoke except for in public places. When she died of lung cancer in her 50’s, doctors said it had to be the second hand smoke. Hmmm… what about the coal furnace she used for heat? Or the coal dust that her husband wore home on his clothes after a day in the mine? Blaming cigarette smoking is more socially advantageous. People who don’t smoke don’t like the smell and that’s reason enough to ignore the obvious and bash a smoker.

3. kenwahfu - January 18, 2007

I suppose your grandfather is a lucky guy. I agree with you, smoking do not cause cancer but you must realised that smokers have a greater chance of getting cancer. What a lucky guy your grandfather is.

4. halfnotes - January 18, 2007

From a Chinese medicine perspective, the lungs are associated with grief, and often smoking is either an attempt to “treat” grief without really doing anything about it, or to fill up the heart area (lack of fire) rather than deal with the underlying causes.

But as many explanations for smoking as there, there are as many people who just say, “Yeah, whatever, gimme another cigarette.”

I don’t choose to smoke, but I know many people who do. It’s a life choice, and if you make it, you have to accept the consequences of making it.

5. Fluid - January 19, 2007

Big thumbs up!! Greenlavender I’ll try to post why I concur with your post later. woo hoo!

6. Fluid - January 20, 2007

And thanks for referencing Louise Hay! She wrote extensively about illnesses that originate from the ‘astral’ field .. or in other words, the sphere of our emotions. I found a great card affirmation link which I plastered on my site.

7. Fluid - January 20, 2007

The funny thing is that smoking originally had its roots rituals & even medicinal purposes. Its not the tobacco itself which is so harmful, but rather the pesticides contained thereign, and chemical softeners added to the tobacco. Those health canada warning labels on cigarette packages are the most ridiculous thing ever! When people slowly get in tune with the findings of modern quantum physics .. ion 20 those harsh, disease laden, graphic pictures will be removed from packages … because they themselves suggest a disease – which is then fulfilled by the subconscious mind – a disease which might have not been related to the substance itself. Many people who die from lung cancer never smoked a single cigarette in their life

8. Fluid - January 20, 2007

Sorry for the rapidly deteriorating sentence structure (meant 20 years) .. Fluid is deliriously tired. Good night to all 🙂

9. greenlavender - January 20, 2007

I didn’t reply sooner to this thread as I was curious to see where it would lead. Very interesting stuff.

Fluid, I had not thought of quantum physics and the harsh diseased pictures on the cigarette cartons. Thanks for mentioning it. You bring up a very good point. The government does not realize how it could make things so much worse.

10. dontsmokeinfrontofmykids - March 14, 2007

It is a source of constant amazement to me that people can rationalize that cigarette smoking is not dangerous to human health. An eighty-two year old man smokes all of his life and dies at that “ripe” old age and that, by some incredible twist of logic, makes smoking a non-health issue. Do the entire planet a favor, if you want to smoke, do it and accept the consequences without trying to convince others that it is OK or not dangerous.

As a smoker the greatest harm you do is not to yourself, but to the young person who watches you smoke and receives the validation of smoking as adult, cool, safe; whatever that immature mind takes it as. This is why we have successive generations of smokers coming from within the same families. That’s why we have over four hundred thousand smoking related deaths each year in the U.S.

If we truly want to stop smoking from being such an incredible health menace to our society, we should make it illegal to smoke in front of children. This would serve our collective health much better than simply restricting tobacco sales. The people who are trying to get restrictions concerning smoking in the movies are on the right tract. This alone would stop a significant number of children from ever starting.

As a professional, who sees the incredible damage smoking does to the human body, any validation of it as an acceptable activity is revolting. So please, if you smoke and do not care about your own health, do not let either your ignorance and/or stupidity contribute to the propagation of this deadly addiction.

11. greenlavender - March 28, 2007

I really enjoy reading comments, however, I would appreciate if people would leave comments after reading my entire posts, instead of reading the first paragraph and immediately jumping to conclusions.

In response to Dontsmokeinfrontofmykids, me trying to convince people that smoking is OK could not be any further from the truth. What I am trying to convince people to do, especially smokers, is to examine their life and see if they can find that specific thought pattern associated with lung cancer, to help them correct it so they will not get sick. Ultimately, if they identify that thought pattern and correct it, they won’t feel the need to smoke anymore.

Of course a smoker has a much higher chance of getting lung cancer — because he/she has a much higher chance of living with that thought pattern.

My husband’s cousin just died last week. She was 40, married, two kids – 9 and 12 years old. She never smoked a day in her life, nor did her husband or parents. She died of lung cancer.

People at risk of lung cancer, whether smoking or not, do not feel worthy of living life fully. Does that ring a bell? If it does, think about it. There are ways to change that, and it’s not by smoking.

I am not a smoker and I know I am living with that thought. I am also working on changing that.

12. Fluid - March 30, 2007

Its funny I spent 20 years riding my dad’s ass about smoking – and now I think the negative energy and constant stress I sent him was much worse than the actual act of inhaling tabacco smoke – heh, heh!

There was this granny who lived to be 95 – which she attributes to her daily “panaceum” – namely a little happy shot of vodka. If her husband lived and whined about to her everyday, I bet you that shot of vodka wouldn’t be so medicinal. 🙂 Mind is just as important as the meat 🙂

13. Denelle - September 3, 2007


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14. Aalt - September 5, 2007


I do think you right on the spot with this post, i could use a lot a struff for my new study thank you very much.

15. Carrera - November 10, 2007

Smoking may not be the ONLY cause why people get cancer but smoking is one of the causes of cancer if you do smoke. For people who do not smoke, there are genetics, thought process, and envoiornmental stresses that mey contribute to cancer. So to come out and write “Smoking does not cause cancer” is a false statement. Just because you know someone who had cancer and didnt smoke doen’t mean smoking isn’t the cause for others. I know someone in my family who lived to be in his 90’s and he smoked everyday of his life and never had cancer. That doesn’t mean that smoking doesn’t cause cancer.

16. Acadian - November 12, 2007


If you read the message above carefully, you will understand that Smocking is a result of trying to control your emotions:ie: Stress and sadness and so on. These emotions, all layered together, are what is causing the cancer in us. Our bodies are made in a way that we can self heal from any desease of infliction, but with today’s society, we have dissembodied ourselves and now living to satidfy our ego’s.

We cause Cancer in ourselves, not cigarettes.


17. Ashley - December 24, 2007

I agree with the behind the scenes causes of illnesses.

The greatly informed Joe Vialls (now deceased, as happens) had something to say about cigarette smoking.

18. Ashley - December 24, 2007
19. nero - May 13, 2008

there are some chemical in cigarettes that triggers a reaction in our body thats coues cancer

20. f**k you - March 1, 2009

f**k this new age bull shit. Based on no scientific evidence, this is just hippie mumbo jumbo. I can’t believe you f**kers believe this

greenlavender - March 7, 2009

Thank you for sharing your wisdom (and fear) with us ‘hippies’.
I love you to.

21. Sathish yadav - May 30, 2010

Hey thank you that was great to know, I concluded the same thing with my research and I am so happy one more vocal support… Great Guns…

Thanks Again

22. Sathish yadav - May 30, 2010

I personally liked the Chimney part… coz my grandfather was alike… and he used to drink liquor which had 85-90% alcohol… 🙂

‘In today’s society, we are tought to repress our feelings, that is what is making us sick”

– This statement was brilliant… 🙂

23. Sathish yadav - May 30, 2010

To back you up with more solid scientific evidence, I give you this…


Enjoy 🙂

24. Lori A - December 2, 2010
25. william - June 23, 2011

I can tell you that cancer is as real as santa clause. Why? Because many years ago big pharma realized so called diseases were needed if they were to stay in business and grow. Through a very complex network regular MDs are groomed to believe the drugs given are to treat illnesses the reality is they cause it. you are then refered to a specialist that will eventually refer you to a surgeon, he is the one that knows the total deception of the medical field. Surgery is nothing more than making an incision and closing it right back up..this is known as SHAM surgery. How do i know this?…I watched some of my relatives die of *cancer* and believed what i was told by *doctors*even though i found most of them lacking in common sense…now my father gets diagnosed with *brain cancer* but he tells me he feels fine, now they start giving him drugs and NOW he feels sick, so they tell him he needs *gamma knife radiation* treatments on 3 *brain tumors* 2 months after this they tell him he needs surgery to re

26. william - June 23, 2011

Continued from last post. to remove the dead tumor tissue…so he has this surgery and they say all went well…then i noticed something odd about the incision on his head it was about 6 inches long on the side but the tumors were on top? I put my hand on his head and felt his skull, I could not feel any imperfection in the bone indicating the skull had been opened. That led me to start looking at medical sites on the internet. I found one that showed filmed human disections and realized as i watched how impossible it would have been to do what they said they did to my father! After i started to look deeper reading hundreds of sites of people posting about *operations* they had i started to see a common complaint, they felt worse than before. I can only tell you this! If you looj for the truth with an OPEN MIND what you find will make you sick. try searching titles like this DENTISTS LIE….. DOCTORS LIE….. VET KILLED MY DOG….. VACCINES KILL….

27. Willy P. Guts - November 16, 2011

“All diseases are related to how we deal with our feelings and our thought patterns.”

HIV/AIDS? Childhood leukemia? Cystic Fibrosis? These are all simply the consequence of our conscious mental habits?

Look, I see where you are coming from. We are physiologically affected by our mind and emotions. Nevertheless, our mind is not the only variable involved with our physical condition. In fact, our mind is subject to the same physical, uncontrollable elements that our bodies come in contact daily.

It’d be nice if we could control everything about ourselves with our minds, but what that inevitably leads to is: denial, rejection, self-hatred, and, of course, failure.

28. Florencia - July 17, 2013

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29. Maria - July 24, 2016

Non-smoker here. I’m worried because I’m having a dry cough that is getting worse little by little, it started around six months ago. I know it’s grief it’s killing me. I’ve fought all my life to escape or redeem a shit childhood with two borderline parents, the very aggressive type both of them. Two brothers nine years older than me, I’m the only girl, my mum, who thinks of herself as a martyr saint (she could be if saints indulged in wino and pills together) thought it was perfectly normal that my two older brothers were abusing me all the time. Four extremely fucked-up people, my parents and my two brothers, meat from hell for sure, each one in a different style. I swore to myself I would escape from them but I’ve failed. I’m 37, I’ve got two good and demanding jobs that are ridiculously paid because of the crisis blablah, I’m told that I am overqualified for other types of jobs and no matter what I do, I can’t escape from my family. Have you seen the film The Wicker Man? I’ve felt trapped, helpless, in that pyre since the day I was born perhaps before. Now I’m scared because I don’t want them to kill me with their evil, I don’t want them to win and waste my soul, that life which was mine, my birthright, and which they used as a convenient garbage bin because I was a defenceless child. But I can’t do nothing, I can’t escape… I’m sure they want me dead and I’ve started to feel severely sick recently. I don’t want them to win, if they win I’ll be scared even of what will wait for me on the other side. How can I dream of going to Heaven, if life has taught me here I don’t deserve even the most primary care for a baby human being. I’ve never felt God’s protection, only my family’s hell. I am afraid and sad and I think this is affecting my lungs. I don’t want to die just because they’d love to see me dead and believe they’d always been, always will be stronger than me. I am utterly forlorn and scared.

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