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Haunting vs Residual Imprint January 29, 2007

Posted by greenlavender in About a Medium, Energy, Mediumship, Metaphysical, New age, Personal, Spirituality.

This post was inspired by a paranormal story a friend of mine told me today.

What is a residual imprint, or residual energy? Consider a residual imprint to be like a photograph or a movie of an event or place or situation that has occurred in the past, in the same location. I’ll give you an example: when a close friend of mine was young, every day while walking to school, at the exact same time and the exact same location, she would see a woman appear out of nowhere, passing on the street on a bicycle, then disappear. She saw the exact same thing every day. That is an imprint. She was not seeing the spirit, but rather a movie of what happened years before. I am guessing, but the woman was probably hit by a car or something while riding her bike around that area — a traumatizing event that left it’s mark on the energy in that area.

Think of an imprint like a holographic image where the characters never see or hear you, like you are not there.

A true haunting involves the actual spirit — it doesn’t repeat the same actions day in and day out, and doesn’t stay in the same spot. And it usually sees the living — especially those who can see them.

Visit http://www.hollowhill.com/guide/residualenergyimprint.htm for more info.



1. tobeme - January 30, 2007

Very interesting. I love how you were able to differintate between an imprint and a spirit. Very interesting indeed. I have a freind who sees an image of a person every night when she crosses a bridge on the way home. The image is of this person is always in the same spot.
Thanks for the lesson.

2. knightofswords - January 30, 2007

The imprint is, I think, a more likely event ti experience. Regardless of what we see on “Medium” and “Ghost Whisperer,” folks just don’t stay “earth bound” for ages after they die.

3. tobeme - January 30, 2007

I hear what you are saying. One thing to consider is that when we our outside of our human form, there really is no “time” as we know it, so I would think it is possible for energy to stay in the realm of earth for a long period of our time. I like the concept however that if the image is the same everytime, doing the same thing over and over again that it is probably an imprint of that energy that was left behind.

4. Len R. - April 9, 2011

So interesting! My friend and I just watched a paranormal investagation show and were not totally sure what a residual imprint was. Now that we know we are not only very interested but also very creeped out!

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