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Amazing Journey to the Akashic Records January 31, 2007

Posted by greenlavender in About a Medium, Akashic Records, Energy, Health, Inspiration, Life, Love, Mediumship, Metaphysical, New age, Personal, Spirituality.

After writing about the Akashic Records last week, I felt compelled to visit them again to see what I could find — if I could even access them again. So after putting my kids to bed tonight, I turned on some meditation music and thought “Ok, let’s do this”, without putting to much pressure on myself and with a slight fear of what I could potentially see. Since I journeyed to the Akashic Records during a heart meditation the first time, I decided I would take the same “scenic route”. 

There I am, focussing on my breath, when suddenly, without even getting to my heart, I am facing the old man with the white beard, dressed in white, sitting at the same white table as the first time. I was stunned! I certainly did not expect to see him so soon.  “Well hello” I said. He smiles, hands me a book, which looks like it is part of a huge encyclopedia series, and directs me to the white door to his left. I walk towards the door expecting to see the many rows of white shelves once I open it. I turn the white handle and walk in. To my surprise, the room is vast — no shelves, simply a table and a chair in the middle of it. I sit down and lay the book on the table — staring at it. Insecure about what I might see, I decide to be courageous; I’ve come this far, I can’t turn back. I open the book at a random page. The page is white, but slowly an image appears. It seems blurry at first, but becomes clearer as I look at it. It is an image of a boy, about 9 or 10 years old, sitting on the side of his bed, with one foot soaking in a tub of warm water. I see his mother’s hands, as if she is crouching next to the tub of water checking on his foot and leg, but she is outside the image so I can’t see what she looks like.  I feel like he’s in pain but does not complain about it, so his mother, like any mother would, thinks it’s simply growing pains — the warm water will sooth him. I feel it’s much more serious.  

After seeing that image, I’m wondering what I should do with it. Maybe if I turn to a different page, I will learn more. I do that a few times, only to be presented with the same image on every single page.  A woman appears standing in front of me, dressed in a white robe with a hood. She takes the book from the table and hands me another one. I say thank you and ask who she is — the Angel of Wisdom she answers. I accept her answer and open the book at a random page. Again, the same image. She repeats taking the book and handing me a new one. Again, the same thing. I ask her why I keep seeing the same image. She answers that it is the one image I am meant to see and that I need to accept the image and trust that I will know what to do with it when the time comes. I then understood why the 3 books — she could have handed me 150 books and I still would have seen the same image — so stop trying to see a different one already.

I look up at the Angel and ask her if my visit is over for tonight and she nods her head yes.

I feel like I am catapulted back into my body and I can open my eyes, which I do, and look around feeling peaceful and content. Then I run to my computer and recount the entire experience on my blog — 1) to help me remember it; 2) to share it with the world, I find this so amazing.



1. tobeme - February 1, 2007

This is amazing! Do you think you were seeing a reality of something which has already happened or something which is yet to come. Or do you think what you saw was symbolic?

Very interesting!

2. Matthew - February 1, 2007

What an amazing story. Thanks for sharing, you are truly blessed!

3. greenlavender - February 1, 2007

To Be Me, I really don’t know if the image was of the past or the future. I trust I will receive an answer eventually. I don’t feel like it was symbolic.

Matthew, I do feel tremendously blessed!


4. Alena - February 2, 2007

How can I learn to access my own Akashic Records?

5. Grace - February 2, 2007

That is an amazing story, G.L.!! I can’t wait to hear how this turns out. May I ask how accessing the A.R. has assisted you??? Is it something that we should all try to do?

6. greenlavender - February 2, 2007

Alena, that’s a very good question. Not being used to accessing them myself yet, I can only make suggestions. First off, I have learned that you are only shown what you are ready to see. Before a meditation, ask to be brought to the Akashic Records and if you are ready (only your guides will know), then let yourself be guided there. Don’t try to look for them or force it in any way, that never helps. Follow your instinct and let yourself go. Enjoy!

Grace, I also can’t wait to know how this turns out! The first time I accessed the A.R., I asked a question about why I react a certain way to a particular situation (which I won’t get into details about, not yet anyway) and I was shown an event that happened when I was a child and I immediately understood. I am not sure about this second visit, as I am still not sure what the image is about.
I don’t know if it’s something everyone should do — probably not, it’s like going to the library — not everyone feels the need to go. I suggest you try it if you feel in your heart that it would help you.

7. knightofswords - February 3, 2007

Wonderful story. Thanks for sharing your experience. No doubt, you will remember the scene and your thoughts about the seriousness of the situation when “real life” calls you back to it. Now, I imagine, the rest of us will be thinking about your experience and making journeys of our own.

8. David Tyler - April 10, 2008

I recently ordered and received a DVD on how to read your Akashic Records (Level 1) by Ernesto Ortiz. I hope to start going through the lesson this weekend. Here’s a link:


And I’ve just discovered that Ernesto also has a blog:

9. greenlavender - April 16, 2008

Thank you David! I’ll check that out.

Keep us posted on what you think of the DVD.

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