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Sadness On A Break? February 11, 2007

Posted by greenlavender in Channelled Messages, Emotions, Energy, Healing, Life, Personal, Spirituality.

My body has been going through a cleansing the past few days. No, I’m not fasting, nor eating only soup for a week, nor drinking only water. I go through my days just like before, eating the same food, doing the same things. Let me explain. In the past years, I have been clearing “stuff” from my past layer by layer. Every event, trauma, emotion from your past is imprinted in your cells and every new emotion imprints over the last one, like a new layer. So I made the decision a few years ago that I wanted to rid my body of negative emotions that have been “stuck” in there for ages, which were making me sick. Since that decision, the cleansing comes in waves. One day, I will suddenly feel sad and I know it’s because of that hurt I felt when I was 8 years old. Sometimes I don’t know where it comes from, and that’s ok. I just let it go.

So the past few days, sadness has been trying to get out. I am resisting this time. I feel tired of sadness. I have a lot of accumulated sadness and I am annoyed by it this week. I also feel happy, this is the best time of my life, so I want a break from sadness. I channelled a message about that last night, from my Guide Benjamin. Let me translate it for you (’cause I channelled it in French for the first time):

With your love, you will be on an adventure always. With your tears, you will strenthen your love. Your happiness will live after your tears. It will be stronger, bigger. You will see your life accomplished despite your tears. Your sadness was given to you for a reason, it’s up to you to decide what to do with it. We have heard your call and sadness will not put an end to it. Consider your sadness as another learning step.

Learn to love and accept the emotions that come to you. It’s what you do with them that determines the outcome. Keeping your sadness within does not help you on your path. You will learn much more by cherishing it.

Cry my love, cry. Don’t be afraid to cry.

Ok, I gotta cry… again. If I don’t, my sinuses start acting up, which they already started to do a few days ago.



1. halfnotes - February 11, 2007

Yeah, I can relate to being sick of the sadness thing. Just when you think there can’t possibly be any more in there, you start crying for no apparent damn reason. Oh, well. It’s much better to get rid of it, send it off into the love of universe where it can be converted into joy or something and quit weighing us down. But, since we’re infinitely layered beings, we’ll do this for a lifetime and never get to the bottom of it!

Wishing you love and joy,

2. songdeva - February 12, 2007

Natasha, I just did a post on this very phenomenon. What are you, my spiritual classmate? I was struck by a post where you described one of your paintings as an expression of emotions that needed release. Don’t forget this outlet! I been called to express them that way as well, and more often am inspired to sing them out. The fresh and cleansed feeling after is a relief, reminding us that we are not slaves to emotions, that they are just another facet of experience.

Much Love,


3. greenlavender - February 12, 2007

Halfnotes, Lara, you are both amazing. Thank you both for your wonderful comments.

I think I will paint tonight, and send my sadness to the universe… 🙂

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