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I Am Grieving… And It Feels Great. February 19, 2007

Posted by greenlavender in Emotions, Energy, Healing, Health, Life, Personal, Spirituality.

I am grieving and it hurts. But I try to sit in it and experience the entire thing; it’s feeling and feeling feels great. I discovered I was resisting it tremendously. I mean I knew I was resisting, but I never thought this much.

I had a great chat with two amazing friends tonight, and our time together seems to have unlocked my grief somehow. I am one step closer to healing. Thanks to both of you… you are wonderful.



1. tobeme - February 19, 2007

Grieving is indeed a process and one which should be followed through. I am glad that your friends were able to help you move through that process!

2. Grace - February 20, 2007

Hi, Greenlavendar… I couldn’t find the reason for your grieving on your blog, but I just wanted to offer my condolesces for your loss – whatever it was! Big Hugs your way, and KUDOS for allowing yourself to feel the pain of grief. As one who spent many years running from emotional pain (via drugs, alcohol, relationships, ‘busy’ness’ or whatever), I understand what you mean when you say “feeling feels great”. And it’s only through allowing ourselves to FEEL, that we can allow ourselves to HEAL!

3. greenlavender - February 20, 2007

Thanks To Be Me. I am lucky to have such good friends.

Grace, thank you for your kind message. I have not written about my loss in any other post, so I will tell you here. I am grieving the loss of whom I thought was myself. I am grieving the past 30 years that I have not lived the way I am living now. I know myself now and it feels great.
I was preventing myself from grieving because I thought that if I did that it would mean I regret my past. I don’t regret it, I embrace it because it allowed me to find myself today. I now realize that grieving and regretting are not the same.

4. Matthew - February 20, 2007

You are certainly on your way, and your attitude has a big part to do with your transformation!

Thanks for sharing, it’s a lesson that will not only benefit you, but others as well.

Smile 🙂

5. kveljones - February 22, 2007

thank you thank you thank you for your honesty. Thank you for FEELING and experiencing rather than placing a hollow positive affirmation on your pain…. the dark can be a wonderful place… it is the only place that truly can bring you to the light!

6. Fluid - February 22, 2007

buh bye old karma

7. greenlavender - February 26, 2007

Matthew, kveljones, Fluid, thank you for your comments.

When I started my blog, my wish was that my posts would help people open up in some way — or at least open the door to something new. I am glad I am getting there.

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