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What Traits Do You Think An Artist Needs? March 7, 2007

Posted by greenlavender in Acting, Art, Design, Healing, Inspiration, Life, Personal, Random, Spirituality.

What’s cool about WordPress is I get to see which search terms people used that led to my blog. I get all giggly when I see my name in that list… 🙂

Today, someone found my blog by searching for “what traits do you think an artist needs“. That completely struck me. I immediately needed to write about it.

What traits do you think an artist needs?

I believe there is an artist in all of us. We might not excel in every art form, heck we might not excel at any, but there is still that artist in us. It’s a question of opening up the body to allow for the creativity to flow. There is no need for a specific trait. Ok, maybe if you want to make a career out of being an artist — that’s different. It’s like making a career around the law, there are specific traits you need to be a lawyer (I definitely don’t have them), but you don’t need any particular traits to be interested in it, I certainly am — I could even say I find the law fascinating, but I wouldn’t become a lawyer. 

If you are considering becoming a career artist, the one trait that is key is preferring the unexpected, the spontaneity, no routines. And also being able to kick yourself in the butt when resistance kicks back (oups I promised I wouldn’t mention resistance anymore)… OK, so kick yourself in the butt to keep moving forward. There, that’s better.

Bottom line is, everyone can express their inner artist. There are many art forms to help you do so. You might not like drawing or painting, but you just might like playing musical instruments, or singing… or acting. 🙂 Let’s not forget dancing, sculpting, photography, jewelry making, gardening, ceramics, architecture, textiles,…  You get the picture.

Artistic expression is also great meditation. I am the most mindful when I paint. The wandering thoughts that seem to go through my mind all day simply vanish and give way to creative expression. I feel refreshed, calm, serene.

Most importantly, do it for yourself, not for others. Never forget that.



1. 100 Words - March 7, 2007

Good question, answered by Salvador Dali in the following way:

‘The desire to survive and the fear of death are the artistic sentiments’

2. tobeme - March 7, 2007

Very good thoughts! I think one the things that becomes an issue is having people exposed to all the different arts. Schools are cutting back on the arts. I believe we are all creative souls, however that creativity is often stunted by our analytical society.

3. halfnotes - March 9, 2007

Very perceptive, Greenlavender. I think “art” can be whatever fires your creativity. For you, it’s painting; for me, it’s music; but for someone else, it my just as well be making dinner, gardening, or decorating a home, building model airplanes, designing cities, whatever. I think we all, deep down, want to leave “footprints in the sands of time”, and this creative outlet is our own unique way of doing that.

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