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Channelled Message — March 9, 2007 March 9, 2007

Posted by greenlavender in Channelled Messages, Energy, Inspiration, Life, Metaphysical, Personal, Spirituality.

You choose to be frightened of things you do not control. You can not control the outcome of situations in which you find yourself, no matter how small or big you might think it is. Release your fears, you are here to learn about life, embrace everything that happens to you. The more you fear, the more you attract what you fear. I say this to Natasha often, she often does not listen, but she still gets the message. Eventually, all of you will be able to feel safe in every aspect of your life.

— Benjamin

It’s been a while since I’ve channelled a message from Benjamin. To readers who don’t know what is a channelled message, it’s a message sent to me by my Guide Benjamin. You can learn more about Guides in my previous posts.

A big thank you to Bill for his last comment, it inspired me to channel again.



1. hudds53 - March 9, 2007

Thank you to Benjamin for the wonderful message, thank you to you Natasha for being receptive enough to receive it and for then sharing it.
If I some how managed to inspire you, I am glad as I have benefited from it via the message. I hope you will continue to channel messages and share, we all benefit.

2. tobeme - March 10, 2007

Benjamin is so correct. What we fear, we will attract. There is nothing to fear. Free yourself from fear. Fear is a product of the ego.

3. radiantwoman - March 17, 2007

Just what I needed to read. I am not that brave yet to share about my experiences. Friends and clients read it and they don’t know about “that” side of me. Words don’t come easy to me when this is the subject. Thank you for having your blog, one day maybe I will share too.

4. hudds53 - April 4, 2007

I haven’t been able to be on line to much in the past couple of weeks but am back now. I hope you will feel free to share more messages. I am looking forward to when you are able.

5. greenlavender - April 16, 2007

Hi Bill,

I haven’t been concentrating on my blog much lately, as you most likely noticed. I will be posting new messages soon.

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