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About Your Path July 3, 2007

Posted by greenlavender in Channelled Messages, Inspiration, Life, New age, Personal, Spirituality.

You must believe the path you are following is towards your destiny. Doubt can be one of two things: a sign that you are not on the right path, or fear telling you to stop and move directions. Face your fear, for it is your fear that indicates where you should go.

You will always face hurdles; that is part of life, your life. On your true life path, hurdles might seem high, but are simply an illusion. Once past them, you realize they were a mere bump on the road. When hurdles are actually mountains, turn around and examine the other ways to get to the other side.



1. sylvied - July 3, 2007

I feel a very relaxing vibe to your blog, I have recently moved my blog to WordPress and I am looking around. I will be back..;-)

2. Bill Howdle - July 3, 2007

It is so nice to see you back my friend. You are so right when you say there will always be bumps on our road of life. Faith will not always help us avoid those inevitable bumps but it will help us around or over them.
I really am inspired each and every time i read something you have written. I thank you for sharing.

3. Bill Howdle - July 3, 2007

I hope you don’t mind but I tagged you. You are someone I would like to know more about.

4. Simonne - July 4, 2007

This is great, thank you!

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