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Why can’t you do it? July 29, 2007

Posted by greenlavender in Emotions, Empowering, Energy, Healing, Inspiration, Life, New age, Personal, Random, Spirituality.

Why can’t you do it? Follow your dream that is. Why not?

Say that again. Does your answer make any sense whatsoever to you? Or does it seem like it would make more sense to other people, like a parent, a teacher, a friend? We are brought up to believe many things, including some that put us down and make us doubt that we could ever do something we’ve always wanted to do. But those comments people make, our loved ones, are most often said in fear. Fear dominates our lives. Fear of failure, fear of poverty, fear of not being loved, fear of abandonment, and I could go on and on.

Fear is the number one block preventing us from moving forward, and from letting others move forward.

Face your fears, you will be free.



1. Herman Najoli - July 30, 2007

Entrepreneur Estee Lauder once said, “I didn’t get to where I am by thinking about it or dreaming about it. I got there by doing it.”

2. Bill Howdle - July 30, 2007

Fear is the great crippler in our lives. The fear of what lies ahead is most often needless at least to the extent we allow it to affect us. I know this but still to often allow it to control my thoughts.
Nice to see you back

3. Matthew - July 30, 2007

Although fear can hold many back from doing whatever it is they would like, however, fear can be a great motivator as well. It’s all in how you choose to look at things. Also when we ask ourselves a question starting with the “Why” we automatically find reasons as to why we can’t do it. If we ask how instead of why, we’ll find much better answers!


4. greenlavender - August 2, 2007

Herman, love that quote! So true.

Bill, always a pleasure! Fear so easily takes over. It’s a matter of staying focussed on what to do and not the fear.

Matthew, I completely agree. How?

5. Acadian - August 2, 2007

Thanks Honey, that kind of reminds me of the talk we had the other day hmmmm.

love you


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