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I’m Going For It — No Time To Waste September 13, 2007

Posted by greenlavender in Acting, Personal.

Most of my readers already know I’m an actor, and that I started living as an actor late in my life, compared to most actors my age.

I’ve been told many times that I have to work REALLY hard to catch up to my competition. I believe it. But some have said it with doubt in their voice. That, I don’t believe. 

I have something my competition doesn’t have: a different life experience. I have lived like “a normal person” for many years (actors understand what I mean by ‘normal’). The normal person the actor represents in a TV show or in a movie. The one that gets up every morning at 5:45am to get ready for an office job she dislikes, to make lunch for her son in kindergarten and to get her daughter ready for daycare. The one that questions who she is and why she’s here. The one that wants to make sense of her life.

You get the picture.

I have been working like a dog to catch up as an actor, and it shows. Embracing my life experiences, considering them a blessing, has made it easier for me, as well as having great teachers.

I have the passion that young beginning actors have, that older actors have learned to live with and might not show as much.

It’s time for me to be seen. My resume alone might not cut it, since my work experience does not equal my competition’s. I have to show who I am. I have to shine.

I started a self-promotional campaign this week. I won’t stop until I am seen.  



1. Nancy - September 13, 2007

You are an inspiration and I love you!

2. Ereek - September 13, 2007


3. Ereek - September 13, 2007

sorry: that’s GO! stretched out really long, like a cheer. Versus, like, GOO!! Like what you would yell if someone dumped a lot of Goo on you. Or, maybe, like what a CEO would say when he got his brand new ultra-thin Blackberry…

but really: you go kick some ass and take some names.

then send me the names in an excel spreadsheet.

(sorry, Nat, I can’t friggin’ help myself)

4. greenlavender - September 14, 2007

Thanks Nancy and Eric!

… oh and Eric, I’m used to it. I love you anyway. 😉

5. Kate - September 14, 2007

You go girl!!! You’ve got the support of all of us who love you!!!!! WAY TO GO!

6. greenlavender - September 14, 2007

Ahhh, thanks Kate.

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