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Next Step — Don’t Be Scared October 1, 2007

Posted by greenlavender in Art, Emotions, Empowering, Energy, Healing, Health, Inspiration, Life, Love, New age, Personal.

I met with this amazing person last night, who taught me how not to be scared. My latest posts were worrying me, thinking I was writing that I needed to be scared to keep moving forward. So I asked the Universe for help. There it was last night. Am I ever so grateful! It is the first time I feel like I do today. I feel like I am living in a different body. I don’t feel like my stomach will burst out. The fear butterflies I used to have have been replaced by exciting butterflies. Happy butterflies.

I have reached a new chapter and this is only the beginning.

So please disregard most of what I have written in the past week or two about fear. If you are scared to move forward, ask for help, it will be there.

Much love.



1. dovelove - October 2, 2007

Awesome. So I’m wondering what this person said to create such a powerful and wonderful change in you. I do believe that fear can be our greatest enemy, but just like fire, there are times when it can save our lives. All our emotions are valuable — we should never deny or hate any of them — they become a problem only when we do this, or allow ourselves to be continually consumed by them.


2. greenlavender - October 3, 2007

Dear Dove, this wonderful person is a life coach. He uses his intuition and knowledge of the Universe to ‘re-write’ messages I have received in the past that created my beliefs that made me scared.

I agree, fear is there for a reason, and it only becomes a problem when we are living only from it.

Thank you. Much love,

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