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What is Fear? October 14, 2007

Posted by greenlavender in Emotions, Empowering, Energy, Healing, Health, Inspiration, Life, New age, Personal, Random, Spirituality.

Fear is the emotional response to believing one is not good enough.

The world’s constant search for perfection… “Am I good enough?” is engrained in most people often because of one event or sentence that was said in their past. It is engrained so deep in the body that it is usually not even consciously brought up. The body automatically reacts to situations in fear because of that deep thought.

Think of every time you have been scared and you will find that the very root of this feeling is believing you are not good enough. You can change that… you just have to choose to change it.



1. B - October 14, 2007

Nice post, I’m glad to have read it.

I actually remember a couple of crushing early childhood events that I know step in the way and plant the seed of fear.Once you find the source, it’s much easier to kick it out when it pops up to spoil your confidence.

2. godalone - October 15, 2007

That fear is an emotional response to feelings of inadequacy seems like an overly simplistic view…. There are many more dimensions to that emotion – in my opinion.

For me, the pivotal thing to overcoming fear is ACCEPTING that we are truly inadequate by ourselves, and that we’re only able to overcome it by trusting in a living God who loves us and will help us in time of need.

3. Bill Howdle - October 15, 2007

Fear is such a strong emotion to try to deal with. It can indeed be one of the greatest and most destructive burdens we carry in life. Fear of failure, fear of inadequacy, fear of looking foolish to others, fear of rejection……. the list just goes on. I can’t help but wonder how many things in life I have missed out on entirely, simply because some sort of fear prevented me from even trying. This causes us to endure life as opposed to actually living it, really so sad.
I agree that if we can identify the root cause of what instilled this internal fear within us possibly we can remove it from our being. This I am struggling with.
Very thought provoking post my friend, I thank you for sharing it.

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