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What Assumptions Have You Made Today? October 17, 2007

Posted by greenlavender in Acting, Art, Emotions, Empowering, Energy, Healing, Health, Inspiration, Life, Love, New age, Personal, Random, Spirituality.

I am sitting at my computer writing this post, when my heart tells me to paint today. I know what I want, but my head  thinks it’s not logical. Hmmm. Logic. What is logical? My head does not know what will happen a minute from now, nor tomorrow, nor a year from now, and even less five years from now. My head can only make assumptions. Like right now, since I am sitting at my computer writing this post, I assume that in about five minutes from now, I will be publishing it, then returning to working on a Web site I am designing. What if I choose something different in five minutes? What if I choose to listen to my heart, let go and just paint. I don’t know what I will choose to do in five minutes. I only know what I choose NOW. So any time we try to ‘figure out’ the consequences to a choice we make, we make an assumption. So many other choices can come into play in the future, whether in a minute, a day, a year or a decade, that can change these consequences. Our choices guide our life, stear it in a particular direction, but we can never really know how our lives will turn out.

That’s when our instincts come in handy. Our instincts tell us what we truly want and need, from deep within ourselves. Our head has a tendancy to judge our choices. For example, if I think about painting right now, my head is telling me “Are you kidding me? You have that Web site to finish. Someone might see your painting and think it sucks. Are you willing to take that chance? Plus, you risk nothing by sitting here at your computer, you’re safe.”

… Wow, my head said all that? Blah. How annoying is that! Do I want to be ‘safe’ all my life? What is safe? Not facing people and their opinions? Having money? Not being myself? Not being happy? Yuk.

If I think about painting right now, my gut says “GO!”, because it knows that painting makes me feel alive, it brings out my true self, and makes me happy. If I am happy and feel alive, then I can concentrate better on that Web site I need to finish. 🙂 

In conclusion, just follow your gut, not your head.



1. philosophyoflife - October 17, 2007

A refreshing insight and luv the way you have dealt with such a demanding task = that of a challenge as to who wins – in the end…

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