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On to the Next Thing… November 22, 2007

Posted by greenlavender in Acting, Art, Life, Personal, Show.

The show eMOTIONal ended last Sunday. Like after every other show I’ve done, I’ve been kind of depressed this week. Wondering what the next thing is going to be. The work I did on this show was intense, not just acting wise, but I did all the graphic design for it too. It was fun, but I’m on a down this week with much less work to do.

I did practically nothing the past few days, trying to think of a project I could undertake. I thought of it yesterday morning: I am publishing a book. Within the next few weeks, I’ll have my book finished and ready for publishing. Some of you might say: “you can’t just finish a book in a few weeks!”. But you don’t know my idea! Ha!

Oh, and I want to paint a lot more too… I sold three paintings during the show last week. Yeah!

On a completely different note, I had my scene study class on Monday night, in which I discovered that I have a bitc# hidden inside me that I love but I am scared to show. She came out in class, now I can use her in my work. My teacher also made me realize that being a Francophone (from Quebec more specifically), I have an outgoing, loud and unapologetic personality that is missing when I am working in English. I try to become a true Canadian Anglophone — quiet, conservative and subtle. That not being my true personality, it makes my acting untruthful. So, I really have to think in French and speak in English — which I have ironically been told before, but have ignored it from fear of being “too loud”. But that’s what makes me “me”. I can no longer ignore that.

So, on to the next thing… finalizing my book while I keep going to auditions, promoting myself as an actor, painting, doing design work… Much better than working 8 to 4 for the government! 😉



1. Nancy - November 22, 2007

Yeah, you could be working 9 to 5 :p

And I can’t believe you didn’t know you had a bitch in you. she’s been trying to come out for the past week and half at least.

2. AnthonyNorth - November 28, 2007

I like the idea of an artist who is creative in all fields. You obviously feel a strong need to express yourself. That’s good.

3. Bill Howdle - December 4, 2007

I am so sorry it has been a while since my last comment. I will be returning to do so more properly shortly. I ask you for a huge favor. I have received a most touching and heart breaking comment on my site. From a 14 year old who’s father is dying of brain cancer. I was so touched I published her short comment as a post. I am asking please for prayers but also short comments be left on my site. I will be emailing her and inviting her to return to what I hope will be a page of love and support for her. I do thank you so much

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