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I See Dead People, End of Story. January 7, 2008

Posted by greenlavender in About a Medium, Death, Energy, Life, Mediumship, Metaphysical, New age, Personal, Spirituality.

I had been doubting my abilities to connect with “the other side” for the past few months. I was ignoring that side of myself, all because I unexpectedly encountered one sceptic who made judgemental comments about what I see and feel. It was already difficult enough for me to talk about it, fearful of not being able to “prove” my abilities. So many people I know are curious about it, they believe in what I can do and want me to share it. But as soon as I face a little scepticism from one person overhearing my words, I freeze. I don’t know how to deal with that, or so I thought.

I read a few books on the subject these past weeks, thanks to my husband who bought them for me this Christmas. I learned a few new things, but in most part the content confirmed my abilities. What struck me the most, is that scepticism shuts everything down. When someone tries to make me prove my abilities, it does quite the opposite. Why? How do you react when someone implies you’re not doing your job right, or you’re not good enough? Your body shuts down. You do it instinctively to protect yourself. Well, it’s the same thing when someone is trying to show I’m lying, or I’m “full of it”. To connect to the other side, I need to be fully open, in a relaxed state, surrounded by good energy.

I can usually spot sceptics without them even speaking one word, because I feel their energy first. When I feel that kind of energy, I concentrate on protecting mine, which makes it more difficult to do my work. When scepticism creeps up unexpectedly through spoken words, and I don’t have time to veer it off, the ‘damage’ takes a while to repair — I feel put down, not good enough, I doubt what I can do, and my confidence takes a dive.  In which case, the people who do believe are not benefiting from my abilities.

My message to sceptics: You’re allowed to believe in whatever you want. That’s the freedom of choice and I respect that. But others are also allowed to believe in life after death and that a handful of people have the gift of communicating with the other side. My gift is not to prove my abilities to you. I help people that believe I can help them. Who are you helping by trying to disprove my abilities?  If you don’t believe, you don’t believe — just leave it at that.



1. dovelove - January 8, 2008

It might help to remember these things…

1) It’s all, we’re all, One thing. So those “skeptics” are you in the moment that you draw them. They simply mirror you’re own energy back to you, you’re own doubts, fears, disbeliefs and feelings of inadequacy. Clear out your own fears (conscious and subconscious) and you’ll keep the skeptics at bay. And the ones that do show up occasionally will be much less significant to you. And remember, it’s still about your own, hopefully fleeting, doubts/fears. If you want to know how you’re doing, just look at the people around you, the ones you keep connecting with. Again, you’re “it,” the rest is a mirror.

2) A peaceful (fearless) heart is a powerful heart. “Fear not.” Love/joy/peace/light-heartedness/playfulness/humor OPENS us to our potent power, our connection to our “Higher Self,” and all the “magic” therein. Fear/doubts/feelings of inadequacy… CLOSES it right up, blocks it, blocks all that magic that is within us…we can have it, if we can just get over all the fear that we’ve been filled with per this world and all its fearfulness.

That’s it in a nutshell. It’s always about our own energy, fear or faith. And the choice we make will always be mirrored back to us as per the lives we create, the people we draw, the “miracles” we manifest… If we don’t like what we see around us, then we can change it by changing our own hearts. And the more we have faith in our own power, the more the fear begins to fall away…and again, at that point, the skeptics are fewer and farther between…and most assuredly of less significance to us. It’s simply an impossibility to draw them unless our energy is strongly aligned with theirs. Again, much of our fear lies in our subconscious, having been “brainwashed” by a very fearful world, but we can clear that out with strong affirmations married to our potent emotions (passionately FEELING in our hearts that which we desire to create within us, and consequently outside of us).

The energy of our beliefs, our emotions, our words/thoughts, our intentions is what creates our lives. Best declarations of that “old book” and keys to our “magic” ::: “Believe and it shall be so.” “All thiings are possible.” “Fear not.” (Believe = marriage of the heart to the words/thoughts/intent)


2. Ashley - January 8, 2008

dovelove hit the nail on the head.

“Who are you helping by trying to disprove my abilities?”

Answer: Satanic agendas.

3. greenlavender - January 8, 2008

Dove, thank you so much. You brought me right back to reality. That’s exactly what I try to apply in every other aspect of my life — why I ignored it this time, I am not sure. The reason is irrelevant. Your reminder opened my eyes, that’s what’s important. I thank you for it, from the bottom of my heart.

Ashley, thank you. Not sure about satanic agendas though… as much as I attracted sceptics out of fear and lack of confidence, they also attracted me for a reason… most likely also out of fear.

4. Ashley - January 9, 2008

… and they’re most likely also god orientated people. Just that they’ve been deceived and at some point need to confront that deception.

I mean to say, if the population was purely governed by god orientated people, then no problem. They will firmly know about reincarnation and the spirit world, arts would be less suppressed and I doubt there’d be telemarketers. It is by stealth that satanism has so greatly infiltrated society and we’ll find that very many of the wealthy and influential are in fact satanists. Most skeptics are smugly hanging their hat on what those with credentials say. Unfortunately what they say is being determined by satanic agendas.

I forgot to state above an example of attraction: I’m not sure the correct words but I’d imagine the character/design of this website in itself will attract a certain person.


5. manxie - January 20, 2008

Dear green lavendar,
Oh wow there are other mediums on the blogs! Hi my name is Manxie -Ive just set up my blog and I’m hoping to get it haof as great as yours!! and dove is so right! I look forward to talking and sharing etc etc in the near future.
PS I think we all go thru the doubts even when we know what dovey says is right! I tend now to see it as natural flow – sometimes Im on a roll as they say and other times Im in a lull. Development seems to happen that way.

6. greenlavender - January 22, 2008

Dear Manxie,
Thank you for sharing, and for the great compliment! I also look forward to sharing with you. I was terrified of writing about this subject only a year ago, but the more I open up, the more I attract other people just like me, like you. It is comforting to hear other’s stories, how they relate to mine.
Hope to hear from you soon! Add the link to your blog next time!

7. manxie - February 24, 2008

Dear Natasha,


Well my blog is only starting out hun- not nearly as developed as yours, but Im planning to offer reads from it eventually when I can get the payment button sorted out. Havnt had much time to work on it last month as Im doing a masters degree as well as working and doing local reads and mediumship events etc- one busy woman!!

I live in a very small community on an island Natasha and Ive struggled with coming out of the mediumsip closet for a few years! However so far it has to be said I’ve only had good comments and support – a few folk say they dont believe all that, but they dont say anything much after that, that is worse- so maybe its our fear that holds us in that closet? I guess like a lot of things it has to be the individuals choice at the right time though. The local school refused to put up clairvoyance evening poster this week even though its for charity – so prejudice still exists I guess but spirit seem to keep me away from it and long may that last!! .

What eventually prompted to move a foot out of the closet Natasha?? youve prob said somewhere here but tell me anyway!
Hope to hear from you again soon,
Love Manxie (Ali)

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