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How Often Do You Meet a Woman Who’s Been Dead 90 Years? February 18, 2008

Posted by greenlavender in About a Medium, Death, Energy, Mediumship, Metaphysical, Personal, Spirituality.

I had an interesting visit from a lady last night. I had just gone to bed. After writing a few pages in a journal, which I rarely do, I turned off the light and was trying to go to sleep. I started sensing someone coming in the room. I looked up to see if it was my husband coming to bed, but it wasn’t. Instead, my attention got drawn to a woman of about thirty to forty years old. She was dressed in a pretty off-white cotton blouse with long sleeves and frills, and she had an ankle length brownish skirt. Her hair was brown, in a bun with a few strands falling down to frame her face. 

I was repeatedly seeing her neck break and her head falling to one side. She was lost and scared. I sensed she died around 1922. Then, I intuitively saw two men dressed in black suits with black hats. They were driving a black car — looked exactly like a Chrysler Six (I looked it up). I could see it following a dirt road, with a mountain on one side and a cliff on the other. The car stopped. The two men took the woman out of the car. Margaret, her name was Margaret. She was kicking trying to free herself. One man put his hand on her mouth, he took his other hand and swung her head to one side to break her neck. He then threw her over the cliff. I could see her falling from above, as if I was looking at her through his eyes.

I rarely meet souls that have been dead that long. It’s a little difficult to tell them that there is a big chance their loved ones are already dead and on the other side, especially when that’s what they are holding on to… The hope to find their loved ones. I explained to her that if she went to the light, she would find her loved ones on the other side. She left my room. Unfortunately, she hasn’t gone through the light yet, I can still feel her around.

Sometimes, trying to convince a spirit to go through the light is as much a challenge as trying to convince a living person to follow their heart. 🙂



1. Ashley - February 19, 2008

Yes, for a moment I thought you were a car fanatic, greenlavender.

A girl I know regularly has souls brought to her and many don’t even realize they are dead. I hear that, quite often, dying under stressful circumstances can leave people earth-bound. As well, if someone has not allowed them-self to develop spiritually, they are also likely to be stuck. Even worse for those that have chosen to live corruptly – the way you live your life dictates your neighborhood in the immediate after life. Suicide is apparently not a way out, either. Usually the soul just ends up feeling no better and standing looking at the handy work. The tough bit is that universal law dictates that they are then required to remain earth-bound for rest of their original life contract.

By experience, you maybe understand more about this I would, Greenlavender.


2. greenlavender - February 22, 2008

Ashley, at least I’m a little more knowledgeable about cars now. 🙂

There are so many possibilities in the afterlife that I can not even imagine trying to figure everything out. But everything you describe I have encountered. Many also say that what you believe is what will be after your death. So I believe there’s a lot of chocolate! 😉

I have a story to share about suicide. A few years ago, I went to do a past-life regression session by hypnotism. I brought up so many interesting past lives, I could write an entire post about them. Actually, maybe I’ll do that soon. Anyway, there was one life in particular where I was living around Russia. My father and mother had been killed when I was very young and I was raised by a close friend of my mother’s. I fell in love with her son, but he didn’t return the feelings. He left to become a soldier and came back a few years later to slaughter his mother who was a healer (a witch in common terms). I couldn’t bare the pain of what he had done so I hung myself.

I could see all this clearly while hypnotised. The most amazing part came right after. I felt my soul leaving my body and felt so much regret it’s like I was being stabbed in the heart. It felt like I had betrayed myself. I just had to start over and finish the life I had started. I found myself immediately back in the womb, in the same geographical region, in the same time. In that new life, I made up for what I had lacked in the previous one, cut short.

I strongly believe we have freedom of choice, in life and in death. If a ‘suicide soul’ is earthbound, I also strongly believe it’s by choice. I encountered one last year who did not believe he was worthy enough to cross-over so he chose to stay here. It makes me sad, to think that people don’t believe themselves to be worthy enough, even in death.

I will write more in a post shortly.


3. Tomas - March 7, 2008

What a pictorial story. Unfortunately, the picture looks dark. But you give us the keys and the story ceases associate with the nightmare. I am talking about your last statement – about the faithfulness to follow the heart. Our resistance is our choice and we will reap what was planted by us.
I think that’s easy to grasp, however that doubles the puzzle. Why do we are so helpless to follow the heart, to do what looks more than easy?

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