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Enjoying The World’s Perfect Beauty March 12, 2008

Posted by greenlavender in Family, Inspiration, Life, Personal, Random, Travelling.

At 2am this morning, my husband, my two sleeping kids and I drove up to our house to find our driveway completely clear of snow. “Yeah!!!” we told ourselves. After getting 52cm (approx. 1’6″) of snow the day before, we were hoping that the 14 year old boy we asked to shovel while we were away for a week would get some help. He did, thank goodness. He had the key to the house which meant also access to our snow-blower in the garage.

What a perfect week we had. On March 4, the kids embarked on a plane journey for the first time. It was wonderful to watch them marvel in the beauty of the sky. It got me to see it for the first time again. How amazingly perfect is this world! At supper time, we landed in sunshine and warmth — wonderful Cuba. On the bus ride to the hotel, the cows, goats, roosters, palm trees, cactus’s, mountains, horse drawn buggies, old cars (we saw Flo from the movie Cars), all made my kids’ eyes as big as ‘loonies’ (a Canadian 1 dollar coin). “Regarde Maman!” they kept blurting out (“Look Mom!”). We could have turned around and hoped right back on the plane at that moment and it would have all been worth it. But more marvelous wonders were awaiting.

At the hotel, the Blau Costa Verde Beach Resort, an all-inclusive resort — it being our first trip with the kids, we wanted no worries about money and food — the kids, my husband and I enjoyed good food, a great beach, pool, room, everything was perfect. It’s a small resort, only 209 rooms, so it was quiet and we could find available pool chairs at anytime in the day. The staff was friendly and we met wonderful people from just about everywhere.

Being fifteen minutes away from the town of Guardalavaca, there were many excursions available. We had originally planned to do two, but one was attracting us most particularly, especially for the kids, and it being the most expensive, we only did the one. On Friday morning, we took the bus to the marina where we embarked on a huge catamaran, made to fit 80 people. Going against the waves around the island, our voyage was just like an amusement park ride. We were served drinks and snacks by the most friendly Cubans working just for us, to ensure we were all having a good time. We stopped near a coral reef, where my husband enjoyed snorkeling. I jumped in the water with my daughter, all ready with our snorkeling gear, she panicked first and wanted to get back on the boat. I didn’t complain — I have had this fear of swimming in open waters since I was a child. I was hoping to conquer it this week, but alas, I gave in to it. I will one day face it since it’s one of my last big fears I want to work on. My husband got to see beautiful, colorful fish (he saw Dory from Nemo), which he described perfectly for us.

Just before lunch, we stopped at the national aquarium where we got to swim with the dolphins. Wow, they are amazing creatures! I felt like they are very well treated, despite being in captivity. There were two babies and one dolphin was pregnant — when they reproduce it means they are happy. When I pet the first one, I was taken aback by the texture. Expecting it to be hard and like leather, I was surprised to feel rubber over very soft tissue. I was afraid to hurt it by petting it to hard. They were absolutely amazing and my kids said it was an experience they would never forget. We got a photo of the four of us and the dolphins giving us a kiss.

On the way back on the catamaran, it was smooth sailing — literally ’cause they took the sail out and we were going with the waves. We sat on a net at the front of the boat where you can see and feel the water beneath you. The Cuban landscape was beautiful.

The rest of the week was mostly relaxing by the pool and at the beach. We picked seashells for our friends; saw plenty of Hermit crabs and lizards. The kids participated in the entertainment at night. They also made great friends.

Yesterday, our voyage was ending. What a great ending it was!!! On the plane back, after a wonderful meal, I turned my head to peak out the window. A tear rolled down my cheek. A carpet of dark clouds was framed by a bright orange strip. The sun was setting. Looking up, a gradient of light blue to the deepest dark blue I had ever seen was endless. The combination of the orange and the blue barely touching was magical. The finishing touch was the tip of the plane’s wing, like a dark shadow with a single light at the end beaming a greenish glow. It was absolutely perfect, like the most beautiful painting.

What a wonderful end to our trip. It was even better when we got home and could pull into our driveway. 🙂



1. Claudia Jurt - March 13, 2008

oh sweet lovely natasha…i’ve been looking forward to your next post…can’t wait to see your painting of the sky you describe above. 🙂

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