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I Am A Filmmaker… April 7, 2008

Posted by greenlavender in Acting, Art, Emotions, Empowering, Healing, Inspiration, Life, Love, Movies, Spirituality.
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I am a filmmaker… I am an inspirational filmmaker… I am an inspirational filmmaker in the making. Oh, how to begin this post.

I am a filmmaker. I am currently seeking the right people and the money to create an inspirational feature film.

About two years ago, I saw a girl on a city bus. Our car being repaired, I took the bus to work — which rarely happens. I sat quietly, observing people coming in and thinking about the day ahead, about their family, money problems, their ex they wish they hadn’t broken up with… I thought to myself “wow, I should take the bus more often, I see so much”. Then I noticed Abigail. The bus full and no more seats available, the teenage girl was standing near the front. She was inside herself, wondering why life was giving up on her, why she was in her body not being able to be happy. She didn’t look at one person in that bus, from fear of being judged or… from fear of meeting that one person who can tell her who she really is.  How I wished at that moment I knew how to help her find her heart.

I took out a notebook and started writting about her. I wrote about how she finds herself, how she fulfills all her dreams. I wrote about the people she encounters on her path and how they help her discover who she is, how she falls in love with herself and her heart. I wrote about how she discovers happiness and how she is guided to her ultimate future.

Today, two years later, my notes have become a feature film script. I have fallen in love with Abigail and all the characters in her life, as they are all a part of me. They ARE me. The movie is me, not about my life — but who I am at every moment.

I know this film will be made and will be successful. Abigail will inspire people, teenagers especially, to follow their heart and their instincts. Every time I think about Abi and the movie, I am attracting the right people for this film — I feel it in my heart. An example — Jessica wrote a comment on my last post, inviting me to visit her myspace page and listen to her music. I cried when I heard the first note. She is the one. She will create the music for Abigail. I invite you to be mesmerized: http://www.myspace.com/jessicaleiathompson.

If you want to see this film, I invite you to comment on this post. The more people demonstrate interest, the more the right people will be attracted to be a part of it.

Much love,



1. badkittyartstudio - April 7, 2008

Just from one artist to another, break a leg with this project! I feel good things from it too, your heart/head is right and your story true. Good things for you all!

2. Kate Drummond - April 7, 2008

This is inspiring, Natasha… and will be wonderful. I can see it already.
Best of luck,

3. greenlavender - April 8, 2008

Many thanks to both of you!

4. Jessica - April 9, 2008

Ola Natasha-
Just want to make sure you got my e-mail. It says my name is Sylvia Browne on it……sometimes people delete me thinking I want to sell them a psychic reading or something. : )

5. greenlavender - April 16, 2008

Hi Jessica! I got your e-mail. I love Sylvia Browne btw…


6. Tom - April 25, 2008

Thanks the wonderful blog. Lots of interesting subjects – lots to learn from you, looking forward to reading more.
🙂 Tom

7. greenlavender - April 30, 2008

Thank you Tom! I’m glad you are enjoying.

Much love,

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