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Thinking About Money But Not Making Any? April 30, 2008

Posted by greenlavender in Inspiration, Life, Personal, Spirituality.

On February 1, 2008, I wrote a post about feeling guilty for making money. The more comments I got, not just on my blog but also from people I know, the more I realized A LOT of people feel some form of limitation around making money.

In my post, I mentioned The Secret and how positive thoughts aren’t enough to help you get what you want. I wanted to elaborate on that. In The Secret, they mention that you must believe in your positive thoughts in order to obtain what you desire. I think they don’t stress that enough. Positive thinking is definitely the first step to your dream, but if you fall into a pattern of “I almost got it, but things turned sour again”, ask yourself what beliefs are preventing you from moving past that barrier.

Throughout your life, you ‘acquire’ beliefs based on different experiences. Whether it’s something you heard, saw or lived yourself. For example, you might associate money with being bad after hearing about terrorists and how they use plenty of money to fund their activities. Or it could be that your parents worked long hours or two or three jobs in order to make enough money to survive, so you might believe that to be rich you must work 100 hours a week.

This is something you do subconsciously, most of the time. Just think of how many experiences you have lived in your life and what beliefs you could have developed along with them. 

If you have a belief that having money means you are bad, then why do so many rich people do good in the world? In the opposite, you might believe you are not good enough to have money. If so, then why was Saddam Hussein rich? That’s the first step in breaking those limiting beliefs — looking at them in a different light.

Sit down with a pen and paper and list all the beliefs you have around money. It might seem difficult at first. It was for me, but after listing two or three beliefs they started pooring out.  Then, examine them one by one and ‘ridicule’ them, like I did above. Once you do that, rewrite your beliefs to remove the limitations. For example, a belief such as “I will become greedy if I have money”, could be rewritten to “I am and will be generous with my money”.

You can change your life to what you want it to be, despite what a stranger, friend or parent might say. You are the one controlling your life. Yes, controlling. Your thoughts control your life. If you want money, think and believe money. It is not a sin to want money and to be abundant; it is not greed if you choose not to be greedy; you deserve to make money; you don’t have to work until you’re burnt out to make money. Think of how much good you could do with that money and you will feel better about it. And if you want to do good with a lot of money, start doing good deeds now without money, today. 

The way you think and live today will bring more of the same. If you feel abundant with what you have right now, you will attract more abundance. About a year ago, I wrote myself a cheque for a big amount. It was dated my birthday this year. On that day, I happened to glance at my cheque and saw visions of everyone and everything in my life and I suddenly got this overwhelming feeling all over my body. I felt like a millionaire. I let go of that million dollars because I already had it. I felt true happiness – the kind that comes from the gut. Since then, only good things have been happening. That’s the key: to let go and let things happen. To experience happiness in everything you do.

Never forget that you are the one person who can choose what to think, say, and do. Those thoughts, words and actions are the creators of your life. Let go and you will be free.



1. Nancy - April 30, 2008

I feel like this could have been written for me.

2. greenlavender - April 30, 2008

Hi Nancy, funny… I started writing this post about a month ago and hadn’t finished it. This afternoon I checked out my drafts and realized I had this one going, so I published it. Good timing I guess…

3. Jessica - May 2, 2008

Me too…………..just writing a song for my Producer about this and was thinking, “Is this too 1980’s, talking about deserving money?” …………but I’ll finish writing it now…………..important to point out that we can let go of our weird money issues and not feel guilty……………..

4. Carol - May 24, 2008

Funny how we sometimes seem to be on the same wavelength (although in this case at different times). I recently wrote an entry about a book on prosperity that I read. While I was looking through my list of links, I decided to pop over here for a visit and what do I see? You entry on the same theme! Too funny!

5. greenlavender - June 13, 2008

Dear Jessica, can’t wait to hear your new song!

Dear Carol, we definitely have been on the same wavelength for a while now!

Much love to both of you,

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