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Soul vs Ego February 26, 2009

Posted by greenlavender in Emotions, Healing, Health, Inspiration, Life, Love, Personal, Spirituality.

Black & white, man & woman, hot & cold, happiness & fear, yin & yan… Soul & Ego.

Our world is full of opposites. Everywhere you look, you can notice two distinct forces working opposite each other, yet in perfect harmony. The Universe is perfectly balanced. Some might say: “How can the world be balanced when there is so much poverty!” My response is there is also so much wealth. Wealth not only in monetary terms, but wealth as in love, fulfillment and joy. Most choose not to see this wealth. I won’t get into the why of it, it’s a subject that deserves its own attention. 

Our own person doesn’t lack opposites. The most striking is the Soul vs. the Ego. The Soul is made of love, love for everything and everyone on this planet, including thy self. It wants to explore. It wants to soak in every bit of life it can, every bit of sunshine, oxygen, sight, fun. It is happy. Its opposite, the Ego, is fearful. It wants to protect the body from harm, from pain, from disappointment. It wants to contain the body so as to not risk exposing it to potential dangers.

So many people, for so many reasons, are living their life based solely on their Ego’s wishes. They are scared. Scared of exploring the world, scared of being poor, scared of feeling sad or angry, scared of being alone, scared of being sick, scared of dying and even scared of being happy. The more they follow the Ego, the stronger the fears and the further away they get from the Soul, hence happiness. What’s ironic is that the further away they get from the Soul (happiness), the closer they get to the physical manifestion of their fears. Meaning the closer they get to actually being poor, being sad and angry, being sick and dying.  The body becomes imbalanced.

The Ego is with us for a reason. It’s true purpose is to protect us from real dangers. When one indulges in fear and protects its body from everything, it defies the Ego’s true purpose and denies its Soul what it needs to break free, hence unbalancing the body and creating an illusion of imbalance in the world.



1. babitha - May 4, 2009

Nice article .. ego is always getting angry and feeling the opposite, make it stop by not identifying with it AS self…ego (jiva is getting angry YOu are not the JIva ) so you are nto getting angry… The Self in YOU is the SAME self in ALL …

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