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Positivity = Healthy Earth April 22, 2009

Posted by greenlavender in Earth, Healing, Health, Life, Love.

Today is Earth day. What does it mean exactly and why isn’t every day Earth day? We are granted life on this wonderful planet and we dedicate one day to it. Well, I guess it’s a beginning. Like everything else in the human world, we react to crisis. We need a crisis to get us moving and shaking.  

While most people believe our actions are what’s causing the Earth to degrade, I believe it’s our thoughts. Our negative thoughts are polluting the world; judgement being the main one. It is the cause of wars, the cause of violence, the cause of pain and suffering. Fear is a very close second. This negative energy is what is polluting the Earth. A positive environment being overpowered by negativity.

What happens to you when you start thinking negatively? You get sick.  The Earth works in the same way. Our intentions behind our actions are killing our planet. I drive a Jeep Wrangler. Why did I choose a SUV? Because I love it. Because I can take my top off and breathe in so much air when I drive; because I can explore places I would never have seen without it; I stop and appreciate nature around me that I see thanks to having my vehicle. My intention is to have fun. Now my first SUV, which I bought in 2000, is a different story. I bought that one because I was afraid of dying in a car accident. I figured the bigger the car, the less likely I am to get hurt. My reasoning behind that purchase was fear. I was polluting the Earth with my fear, not my car. I worked on that. I am no longer scared of dying.

The more we become conscious of our thoughts the more we can control them and the less likely we are to think negatively. More positive thoughts = a healthier Earth.

Happy Earth Day! Wishing you positivity.

Much love,



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