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Another Ghost Story August 19, 2009

Posted by greenlavender in About a Medium, Energy, Mediumship, Spirits, Spirituality.

I have recently been visited by a group of ghosts – about a dozen. I can’t give an exact number, the ones in the back are kind of blurry and hard to count. There is a man in front of the group, he is the one who approaches me. All the others follow him as if he is the leader. He does have a leader type personality. They all know they are dead. The man last came up to me and addressed me by my name, which was strange for me. It was definitely a first. He said: “Natasha, you have to help us”. I replied in a bit of a shock with “ok, what can I do?” I mean, visiting spirits who have not crossed over usually need help, but that was direct. He said they were on a boat. I am not sure if the boat sank, but they definitely died on the boat. He says the boat has been missing and that they can’t move on until the boat is found.  He gave me numbers that sound like coordinates – I saw a line going from South to North with the number 196 and then a line going from West to East with the number 83. I don’t own a boat, I have been on a boat maybe only a dozen times in my life and I have no clue how marine coordinates work. Do these numbers mean anything? I’ll go do a search after I finish this post… Also, spirits who have not crossed over may have died so suddenly that they experience confusion about what is reality. It could very well be that their boat was found long ago.



1. Charles Nadeau - August 19, 2009
2. Charles Nadeau - August 19, 2009
3. Bill Howdle - September 21, 2009

I wish I had your gift and could see spirits. I have to ask is it a scary feeling while you are seeing them. I hope you are able to help them.
Do you see spirits often?
I hope all is going well for you my friend.

4. greenlavender - October 21, 2009

Hi Bill! Always nice to read your comments… 🙂

It was scary for a long time as a child, not knowing what that feeling was. I absolutely hated being alone in the house. I would sit on the sofa, propped up in the corner with my feet up, watching TV with the volume cranked up high so as to not hear the weird sounds. I would not move from there until I would hear my parents’ car drive up, then I would run to bed, pretending I was asleep when they came in. I always felt like there was someone in the house with me. I was not paying attention to them, simply because I did not know how to, so the spirits never went away. I use to think I was crazy and had a wild imagination because of the things I’d see.

It’s not scary anymore now that I know why they come to me and that I can help them. Sometimes, when they first appear, it can be scary in the sense that they carry the same feelings and emotions that we do and are often scared or angry and that’s the first thing I sense.

I see them regularly. Some weeks are busier than others. It also depends on how I feel. My own feelings will attract spirits from whom I can learn. I love when I get a visit from a spirit that’s crossed over. That’s always soothing and comforting.

Much love to you Bill, always.

5. Leo Bonomo - December 9, 2009

Hi Natasha, I’m Leo you can find me on http://www.leo-bonomo.com and on the blog through that site.

Next time they visit you can tell them to search for those who will help them “go to th light” they have given you coordinates as to where they were lost so you can “find them” and understand the the gift you have is real and that they are real. You do need to develope the gifts that you have. Bill it is not scary at all. Spirit never want to harm or distress you. Greenlavender. I have always een things too from an early age, I always thought everyone could but we just had different experiences. And yes, they are human of course and carry the emotions as us.

Blless you all.


6. Alison dunn - October 30, 2010

How are things in nz going. Alison. X

7. Alison dunn - October 30, 2010

Leo How are things in nz going. Alison. X

8. Brian Hodgson - November 4, 2010

Hello Leo, I hope that your visit was a resounding success but do not leave us completely as we need you as well.
All the Best

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