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Healing Akashic Records August 19, 2009

Posted by greenlavender in Akashic Records, Energy, Healing, Life, Metaphysical, New age, Personal, Spirituality.

“Akashic what?” You might ask. I wrote about my first visits to the Akashic Records back in 2007. In my first post about it, I wrote: “…a brilliant prophet and clairvoyant, Edgar Cayce, who detailed one of his visits to the Akashic Records in a very similar way I just described. He defines the Akashic Records as “the collective memories and histories of every thought, sound, physical and emotional vibration, major event and incidental moment in eternity, an atmosheric presence that affects us all and we all affect with every breath we take”. That’s the best definition of the Akashic Records I have read.

I’ve practiced visiting the Records in different ways, particularly through meditation, but the best way for me has been through self-hypnosis.  I find my consciousness does not ‘get in the way’, or interpret information as easily with this method. When a psychic gets visions, it’s very easy for the consciousness or ‘ego’ to receive the information and assume some more. It takes a lot of practice to distinguish between stricly what you truly see and what you interpret. For me, self-hypnosis allows me to just get the information without interpreting or judging it.

What do I see in the Akashic Records? Well, let me describe a typical visit:

Before I start the self-hypnosis, I make sure I have a particular purpose for my visit. If my visit is to consult the records of another being, I make sure I have the information I need on that person: full name, age, date and place of birth. Then I ask a question out loud that pertains to what information I am seeking, for example: “please show me what this person needs to reach his/her full potential at this moment, in every aspect of their life”.  Once that is clear, I begin my self-hypnosis ritual.

So I’m hypnotized, what now? My spirit guides are always there to help guide me through the hypnotic state. They bring me to the Records. I am greeted by the white bearded man dressed in white, sitting at a white table, next to a white door. He hands me a book that resembles a big encyclopedia. It’s my own book of records. When I go visit the Records for someone else, I am always given the chance to see my own records first. Now one thing you have to understand… Yes, I can see my own records, but I will only see what I am ready to see at that moment. If my body is not ready for particular bits of information, I will not see it. That’s the case for any psychic, and even yourself when you go for a psychic reading. You will never hear something you are not ready to hear. And I will not see lottery numbers if I or my client is not meant to win the lottery in their lifetime. I say that because it is a common question among people who don’t yet understand psychic abilities. Psychics don’t see ‘everything’, they see what they are meant to see or what they look for.

Ok, back to the records… I take my book and open the white door. Inside the room, which is not limited by walls, it’s like an infinite white room. Do you remember in the movie “The Matrix”, when Neo and Trinity are in the white room and all the rows of weapons come sliding in? It’s very similar to it (minus the weapons of course). Once I am ready to see the information for who I am there, rows of shelves, similar to the weapon shelving in the Matrix, come sliding in. The shelving is white and contains countless amounts of books, just like my own. Then, a beautiful woman also dressed in white emerges from between two shelving units with a book in her hand. She calls herself the ‘Angel of Wisdom’. She hands me the book and takes back my own.

Before opening the book, I repeat the question I asked before hypnotizing myself. When I open the book, I see images. I can also sense feelings or smells along with the images. During my last visit, I saw my client’s birth. His mother was coming out strongly. I sensed resentment and abandonment and that forgiveness needs to happen. Then I saw blood flow, like I was inside a blood vessel. The blood kept getting thicker and I saw water. Thickening blood often means the person is squeezing the joy out of life. He needed to drink a lot of water to help his blood flow while working on finding the joy in his life.

The visit can last a very short or long time; it depends on how much information I am seeking or need to see.

Once the visit is over, I hand the book back to the Angel of Wisdom and she asks if there is anything else I would like to see. I thank her and get up to leave. Then my Guides help me back to a conscious state, out of hypnosis.

That is a typical visit to the Akashic Records. The Records are absolutely amazing to use for healing purposes.



1. Olga - October 17, 2009

Hi Natasha,

I have found your blog in the beginning of 2009 and have been silently lurking through your posts since then. I enjoy your stories and experiences very much, so thank you for taking the time to update your blog and for being so honest about your life. You help a lot of people, of that I am sure.

I have a question this time. I have been told by a lot of people that I am very psychic, but I myself seem not to believe it. Sometimes I sense things and have strong intuition, but how would I be able to hone my skill so I can one day use it like you do…see spirits, give intuitive consulations, etc…

Do you have any books you could recommend, teachers, or exercises?

Thank you!

2. greenlavender - October 21, 2009

Hello Olga,

Thank you so much for your comment. It is always nice to know that by sharing my own experiences, I am helping someone out in the world.

The first thing to do to hone your skills is trust in them. Trust and believe in yourself. Being psychic and intuitive does not mean being perfect! Know that the messages you receive are the words meant to be heard at that time in order for one to move forward in life. Once messages are delivered, they become the recipients’ responsibility, not yours.

Practice, practice, practice… That’s really the key. As for books and teachers, I can make recommendations – but they might not be what you need at this time. You know best. You can go to a bookstore, close your eyes and ask to be guided to the book that you need, then follow your body. Once you get to a particular section, you can close your eyes again and ask that your book become clear to you when you open your eyes. The book that jumps out at you is the one. I once had a book literally jump out – it fell off the shelf in front of me. Talk about being surprised…

Teachers will present themselves to you when you need them. Open your mind in order to see them for who they are. Sometimes the best teachers don’t come across that way at first.

I am here to help whenever you have questions.

Much love to you,

3. Patrick - September 25, 2010

Hello Natasha,

It’s very interesting how you describe the way you access the akashic records.I’ve read enough about it but its still sound like a fairy tale.However i do know that with our minds,we can achieve a lot.Do you read other people’s akashic records?it;s something i would love to try.otherwise i’m gonna try your technique

4. greenlavender - September 29, 2010

Hello Patrick, first, I would like to thank you for visiting and taking the time to comment.
I can visit other people’s Akashic Records, but I don’t do really do it, if that makes any sense. I practiced it, but chose not to pursue.
I suggest you try it yourself first; you could have someone with you if you don’t feel comfortable.
Please feel free to come back and comment on your experience, or if you have any questions.
Much love to you,

5. Amitabh - October 19, 2011

Hi Natasha,

I am from India. Recently i generated lot of interest in Spirituality. I also attended a couple of workshops on Past Life regression. Whenever I try to practice it again my mind start wandering in some different dircetion and i struggle a lot to bring it back to the topic . I other words I move into semi trance stage but seldon in Deep trance. Can you suggest me as to how to improve in this respect. How to improve in self hypnosis process

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