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“Listen To Your Heart” – A Bedtime Song For My Kids October 21, 2009

Posted by greenlavender in Family, Inspiration, Life, Love, Personal.

The best time to teach your kids about life is at bedtime, when they are relaxed and listening attentively to your bedtime song. I wrote this song over a year ago and sing it to my kids almost every night. Now, my daughter sings it along with me and says it’s for me as much as it is for her. She is seven years old… Very perceptive child.

I originally wrote the song in French, but translated it for the purpose of publishing it to the world.

Listen to your heart
You will be free
Follow your dreams
You will find joy
Above all
Love yourself
This world needs you
The true you

Embody your youth
Your pure soul, your innocence
Until the very last day
With every beat of your heart

Your fears aside
Nothing can stop you
Believe in yourself
Aim high
What you can achieve
You decide

What is said of you
Comes last
Your own thoughts
Create your reality
I love you
With all my heart
With everything you do
I am proud of you

Feel free to add your own beat to it and sing it to your kids… or your parents. 😉



1. Bill Howdle - October 21, 2009

Song is beautiful, will send it to my daughters. Thank you for sharing it with us.

2. Adorkable Thespian - October 21, 2009

That’s lovely! I look forward to singing it as soon as my voice returns. 🙂

3. Carrie - January 6, 2010

I love your site! There is so much to absorb …. I will be back. Thank you for sharing. I know it takes time and heart and you don’t always get the feedback ….people read and are nourished from your sharing ….but you don’t get to always see that. That is why I thought I would take the time and say thank you.

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