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What not to be, or… To be? June 4, 2012

Posted by greenlavender in "Time For Me" Blogs, Emotions, Family, Healing, Health, Life, Personal, Spirituality/ Well-Being Links.

My last post freaked out my Mom. Can’t say I blame her, she’s a mother and her only kid writes to the world that she’s depressed. The thing is, I am so in touch with my body that I know when something is “wrong” and know that I need to change something, so I wasn’t worried. That being said, you might ask why, if I am so in touch with my  body, did I let it get as far as depression.
The answer is… I am human. I can resist change as much as the next person. I knew for quite a while that I was resisting changes happening in my and my family’s life, but my belief about what I thought I “had” to do during that period was overpowering my instinct to just “chill” and ride the wave. And that is… Ok.
I went through (and still am a bit) a rough period in which I have learned a lot about my way of thinking and reacting to certain situations, and I am adapting.
My major lesson boiled down to my quote in my blog’s header: “Chill, life is what you make of it”. And also that my only “mission” in life is as simple as “to be”, not try to be anything or anybody.
So, I started singing lessons. 🙂



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