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Natasha Jette — ActorI am an artist. If I had only one word to describe myself that would be the one. I act, paint, draw, design…

For all you artists out there who know (or don’t yet know) that every morning you have to fight resistance to keep going as an artist, I recommend you read “The War of Art” by Stephen Pressfield (http://www.stevenpressfield.com/books/war_art.asp). It was recommended to me by a great acting teacher — Michèle Lonsdale Smith from the Lyric School of Acting in Vancouver. When I encounter resistance I randomly pick a page of the book to read and it helps me “fight the war”.

If you fight the war every morning, you will win… hang in there, and believe in yourself!

Besides being an artist, I am a medium. I feel, see, hear, smell and talk to spirits. You can read more in my posts.



1. fluidspirit - November 7, 2006

Too bad you don’t live in Toronto. We could hook up for coffee. You’re very interesting.

2. greenlavender - November 7, 2006

Thank you! I’ll let you know when I go down to Toronto.

3. sudarishi - December 27, 2006

Hi Natasha,

I visited your blog (https://greenlavender.wordpress.com/2006/12/21/possible-shift-in-energy/) & wanted to address you directly here: https://greenlavender.wordpress.com/2006/12/21/possible-shift-in-energy/#comment-135 So came here to visit YOU Here!!! 🙂

Good Photo Artistic, not Bitchy 😉 !!!

Love & Light

4. john - December 28, 2006

I share your point of view about art, even if I’ve been pretty lethargic lately… I might read that book soon… 🙂

5. Gabriel - January 10, 2007

Oh my goodness you are such a good painter. I would buy your paintings if you sold them. Please continue to do your great work in painting. I love it!


6. greenlavender - January 10, 2007

Thank you Gabriel! Eventually, I might have some of my paintings for sale, if I can stop giving them away… 🙂

7. Gabriel - January 10, 2007

If I may your paintings tell a story and they are inspiring , they give a certain feel to any room they are in.


8. Diane Lanthier - January 12, 2007

Natasha, I just googled myself and found me on your website! Thank you so much for that, I really appreciate it.
Angel blessings,
Diane Lanthier

9. greenlavender - January 13, 2007

It is truly my pleasure! Your book has inspired me in so many ways. It lies on my night table and I randomly pick a page when I need comforting, which I get every single time. Thank you!

10. slakware - January 16, 2007

you seem to be a very interesting person. ah! and you look real pretty 🙂

11. dree - January 19, 2007

Just wanted to let you know about Daniel Pinchbeck’s book 2012. I recognized a lot of artist ‘out of the box’ feelings and other spiritual wonderings…Referring to your ‘help you fight the war’ Natasha….it’s truely inspiring. Hard to describe the why of it, just really wanne plant the seed for all of you guys hanging out here to go check it out!

12. greenlavender - January 20, 2007

Thanks Dree. I checked it out on Amazon and it sounds really interesting. I will most likely pick it up for myself after I finish my latest book from Sylvia Browne. 🙂

13. Gary - February 13, 2007

Dear Natasha,

If I had only one word to describe about you, that would be “beauty”.
Beautiful face and great articles! I really enjoy it. 🙂

14. greenlavender - February 14, 2007

Wow, what a wonderful comment. Thank you Gary.

15. ascreamingwriter - February 27, 2007

Thanks so much for providing an interesting site, honestly! The music brought me right in, what a wonderful idea. I’ll be checking out the music site in a while.

I also want to congratulate you for taking a direction you know you are to go, even if it may be a difficult one. I can imagine an artist struggles. No doubt about it. But the best thing about being an artist… they are very resourceful, imaginative, and unique–and “unique” is the best way to be in life.

Keep moving forward, you’re doing great!
Looking forward to staying in touch reading more here.

Thank you, it’s been a pleasure.

16. greenlavender - March 2, 2007

Thank you A Screaming Writer!

17. Jerome - August 17, 2007

I had the urge to check what was new in your life.
I am curious to see your paintings.
Is there a link I can go to? Or can you email me some
pictures or better yet!! Since you’re giving them away, send one my way. 🙂
I know you are pretty busy. And Tasha must be tired.
If you have 2 min sometime, drop me a note and let me know how your family is doing.
Best of Luck!

18. bibomedia - March 4, 2008


19. Deep in School Work - April 30, 2008

Hi Natasha.

I am doing painting in school and i just loved ur paintings. Just wondering, what kind of painting was Mountain Sun. I actually kinda need 2 know for this project im doing on you.

Deep in School Work

20. greenlavender - April 30, 2008

Dear “Deep in School Work”,

Wow, you’re doing a project on me?! Cool. I never expected I’d get a “project done on me”.

Mountain Sun is oil on canvas, it’s meaning is really up to you. I always paint from the heart, i.e. I paint to release emotions. You can say I paint intuitively.

Hope that helps a bit.

Much love,

21. Deep in School Work - May 2, 2008

Thanks so much!

-Deep in School Work

22. Rohini - May 9, 2008

I loved the Mountain Sun… and others are wonderful too… will check your blog regularly for new art 🙂

23. greenlavender - June 13, 2008

Thank you Rohini. I should be posting some new photos of paintings in the next few weeks. I have quite a few new ones!

24. Janine Keith - June 14, 2008

Dear Natasha,
I am wondring if you are the artist from Canada that many years ago,probably in the late 80’s, attended a Collie show in Springville, Mass.in which you brought an array of collie drawings on silk scarves,place mats, etc. Would love to know…
Janine Walker-Keith
Incandescent Collies

25. greenlavender - June 23, 2008

Hello Janine, unfortunately, I am not the artist you are talking about.

Hope you find her!

Much love,

26. Kimberly - August 8, 2008

Green Lavender, I am a Missions Secretary for a church and I love a few of your works. We host a Missionary Conference here every year in which we have a theme along with scripture and artwork. Where do you sell your paintings and how much do they run?

27. greenlavender - August 21, 2008

Hi Kimberly,

Thank you very much. I am not really selling my paintings just yet. I wish to accumulate enough to host an exhibit, then I will start selling. I will most likely also develop a Web site to exhibit and sell them. Stay tuned!

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