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When Life Throws You A Curve Ball and You Love It! August 10, 2010

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I had my life all planned out:

  • Quit my government job to pursue acting
  • Start my web design and consultation company to pay the bills until I get acting gigs
  • Work my butt off to get acting jobs
  • Get an acting gig that will allow me to get more acting gigs
  • Produce and direct my short screenplays
  • Stop doing web design and consultation
  • Get more acting gigs
  • Produce and direct feature films

Where am I now?

I have:

  • Quit my government job to pursue acting
  • Started my web design and consultation company to pay the bills until I get acting gigs
  • Worked my butt off to get acting jobs (the work my butt off part is done and keeps going)
  • Started another government job… HUH?

Yup, I’ve gone back to the government. You know the expression “be careful what you wish for ’cause you just might get it?” Ok, that’s the PD’s version but you know the one I’m talking about. Well, it’s true. Before quitting the government, I had told myself that if I could find a web business analyst job that was exciting, with a great team, I would stay. I didn’t find it… then. Last October, surprise! After quite a few months of focussing strictly on acting and tired of being broke, I realized I was pushing things. I wasn’t ready yet for a full-time acting career and that’s why it hadn’t happened. You see, when you force your life to go a certain way, things don’t go so smoothly. So, I started looking for web business analyst contracts for the … drum roll… GOVERNMENT!

And so I found one. You know what the best part is? With the same division I was previously. Part of the team had remained, which was awesome, and the new ones just as awesome. I am having a blast. I never saw it coming.

What about my acting career? Well, my new boss was a great colleague back in 2007 when I quit. She is fully aware of my dream and also very supportive. I am free to go to auditions when opportunities arise.

Because I love my job, I don’t feel desperate about getting acting gigs anymore, so I feel I can be selective. I know the day will come when I get that ideal role, that role I ask for every day. I feel it in my gut. It will happen when I am ready, when it is meant to be.  I keep promoting myself and I am currently developing a strategy to get myself noticed. I also keep working on my screenplays.

I’ve got it all! What can I say? Oh, and I’m not broke anymore. 🙂


Meet Me at the Fringe! April 30, 2009

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I am excited to have been cast in “No Exit Upstage” to be presented at the Ottawa Fringe Festival, June 18-28, 2009.  The show will star the writer: the fabulous Nancy Kenny and myself (Natasha Jetté in case you didn’t know). It is directed by the fantastic Ken Godmere. Check out http://www.ottawafringe.com/ for details to be posted shortly!

To make it even more exciting, the show will be travelling to the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, July 15-26, 2009. Visit http://www.winnipegfringe.com/ for more info. 

See you at the Fringe!

Where Have I Been? June 13, 2008

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I have been away from my blog for quite a while now and I apologize to my readers for the wait. Here’s an update:

Since May 5, I have been working as a stand-in on a TV show called Family Biz (aka Dad’s In The Attic), shooting here in Ottawa (Canada). It is my first time working as stand-in and let me say that I have learned that every actor should be a stand-in at least once in their career! Being on set while the crew is setting up a shot lets me learn so much I could not possibly learn as a performer. It is definitely going to help me improve the ‘technical side’ of my acting now that I understand better why directors ask actors to do things that don’t always seem to make sense. It will also help me tremendously when making my own films (did I mention I finished writing my first feature film? 😉 ).

I am working on set until the end of August, so it’s an exciting (and very busy) summer. It’s like I am being paid to be in film school. It’s the best way to learn (for me anyway).

As a stand-in, I spend lots of time waiting on set and I have to remain focussed in case they need me at any moments’ notice. To stay focussed, I make sure I am present, in the moment, always observing what is going on around me. I can tell you I notice A LOT. I have noticed people’s reactions to comments made on set, what they look at, how they feel, even what they are thinking. It’s amazing how much you can learn when you are truly present. I will elaborate on a few observations at a later date. For now, I need to go get some shut eye.

Much love!

I Am A Filmmaker… April 7, 2008

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I am a filmmaker… I am an inspirational filmmaker… I am an inspirational filmmaker in the making. Oh, how to begin this post.

I am a filmmaker. I am currently seeking the right people and the money to create an inspirational feature film.

About two years ago, I saw a girl on a city bus. Our car being repaired, I took the bus to work — which rarely happens. I sat quietly, observing people coming in and thinking about the day ahead, about their family, money problems, their ex they wish they hadn’t broken up with… I thought to myself “wow, I should take the bus more often, I see so much”. Then I noticed Abigail. The bus full and no more seats available, the teenage girl was standing near the front. She was inside herself, wondering why life was giving up on her, why she was in her body not being able to be happy. She didn’t look at one person in that bus, from fear of being judged or… from fear of meeting that one person who can tell her who she really is.  How I wished at that moment I knew how to help her find her heart.

I took out a notebook and started writting about her. I wrote about how she finds herself, how she fulfills all her dreams. I wrote about the people she encounters on her path and how they help her discover who she is, how she falls in love with herself and her heart. I wrote about how she discovers happiness and how she is guided to her ultimate future.

Today, two years later, my notes have become a feature film script. I have fallen in love with Abigail and all the characters in her life, as they are all a part of me. They ARE me. The movie is me, not about my life — but who I am at every moment.

I know this film will be made and will be successful. Abigail will inspire people, teenagers especially, to follow their heart and their instincts. Every time I think about Abi and the movie, I am attracting the right people for this film — I feel it in my heart. An example — Jessica wrote a comment on my last post, inviting me to visit her myspace page and listen to her music. I cried when I heard the first note. She is the one. She will create the music for Abigail. I invite you to be mesmerized: http://www.myspace.com/jessicaleiathompson.

If you want to see this film, I invite you to comment on this post. The more people demonstrate interest, the more the right people will be attracted to be a part of it.

Much love,