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Back to Our Roots – A Vision of Peace June 23, 2009

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I received an interesting comment from 18-year old JoeYnaP saying he’s been having visions of chaos in the world. He is very wise as he also mentioned he believes the world will be made new, meaning the systems we know today will crumble and our life we be born again in truth. I was going to respond directly to his comment but I wanted to share with all of you my vision that I have also had about two years ago now. It’s funny how I never wrote about it before. I guess the time is now and was not then.

I often have visions of all kinds of things (for me, visions are not dreams. I see them when I meditate or when I am simply relaxing). Most are of people I don’t know or events I don’t really understand. I used to dwell on them a bit too much, trying to figure them out. Then I learned to let go; accept them for what they are and if I need to know more, then I will in due time. This particular vision, however, was different. It involved my family and it was so ‘real’, it felt stronger than others. It has remained in my thoughts for all this time. Here it is:

My husband, my two kids and I were sheltered in our basement, in the dark, afraid to go outside. My husband was holding one of his collectible Samurai swords to protect us. My kids were about 10 and 12 years old in the vision (they are 6 and 8 today). There was chaos outside. It was almost not physical, it was unlike the typical images of war. It was surreal. It felt like the air was the one against us. Some people seemed like they had been ‘gotten’ by this feeling of everything negative – anger, fear, resentment, revenge, etc. They were no longer in control of their bodies. The noise was disturbing – like the wind was creating a constant high pitched scream.

Although we were scared to come out of the house, I felt we needed to. When I suggested it, my husband and kids agreed, they felt the same way. It’s like we knew everything would be all right. So we chose to face the negativity and opened the door to the house (my husband still holding his sword just in case). I was standing ahead of my family with my hand out in front of me as if to create an invisible barrier. It worked. My husband left his sword at one point, realizing he did not need it. The delirious people were repelled as we walked in the streets, between the buildings, out to an open field. More people were joining us. People like us, facing their fear. We formed a large circle holding hands. We all looked at each other, somehow knowing that everything was all right. We glanced up at the skies and a circle of energy, full of light, came out from the ground. Forming a cylinder, it rose to wrap us from toe to head and up to reach the sky. There was a transformation. We looked at each other and around us, we seemed different, at peace. There was quiet. We could ‘read each other’ without speaking, as if to read ones mind, like we were one. In the skyline, tall trees had replaced buildings. There were no more houses or cars, or paved streets… only nature. The delirium had disappeared. The fear had gone. We knew we no longer needed food or shelter. Our bodies were fed by the air and the light. It felt peaceful and full of love.  

We were back to our roots.

I was going to write about my interpretation of this vision, but I prefer to leave it up to you to decide for yourself what it means for you.

Much love,


Had a Visit From Claire Yesterday May 6, 2009

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I am not quite comfortable enough yet to walk up to strangers and tell them I have a message from a loved one from beyond the grave. When I am visited by spirits that are desperately seeking to get in contact with one they have “left behind”, I have to gently tell them that it’s not that easy (for me anyway). 

I have wondered for quite some time how I could relay these messages without having to scatter the Earth to find these people. The answer has been right in front of me this entire time.  I knew I had started this blog to share my knowledge of the spirit world, but it only occured to me just now that I can use this tool to relay the messages to the world, at least as a starting point.

Yesterday was Claire’s first visit. Claire was in her late teens when she died. I see water, a lake or river. I see something with her neck as well. She died in the past 3 to 5 years and knows she is dead (about half of the spirits I encounter don’t know they are dead). She had long brown hair, was a vibrant young girl. I see her dressed in blue jeans and a medium blue t-shirt. I see the Aries symbol. She was francophone – Quebec, whether she was from QC or died there (or both)  I am not sure. She wants to give a clue that leads to someone who witnessed her death. Her body has not been found yet.

I have no idea who should be getting her message, but she insists on me delivering it personally. She does not want to give me the information on the witness until I find the proper recipient. She seems very tenacious. I was hoping I could write it down in this post…

Now all I can do is wait and see if I am presented with the person she wants to talk to. I asked her to tap me on the shoulder if I come face to face with him/her; if so, I will need to find the courage to talk about it.

How Often Do You Meet a Woman Who’s Been Dead 90 Years? February 18, 2008

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I had an interesting visit from a lady last night. I had just gone to bed. After writing a few pages in a journal, which I rarely do, I turned off the light and was trying to go to sleep. I started sensing someone coming in the room. I looked up to see if it was my husband coming to bed, but it wasn’t. Instead, my attention got drawn to a woman of about thirty to forty years old. She was dressed in a pretty off-white cotton blouse with long sleeves and frills, and she had an ankle length brownish skirt. Her hair was brown, in a bun with a few strands falling down to frame her face. 

I was repeatedly seeing her neck break and her head falling to one side. She was lost and scared. I sensed she died around 1922. Then, I intuitively saw two men dressed in black suits with black hats. They were driving a black car — looked exactly like a Chrysler Six (I looked it up). I could see it following a dirt road, with a mountain on one side and a cliff on the other. The car stopped. The two men took the woman out of the car. Margaret, her name was Margaret. She was kicking trying to free herself. One man put his hand on her mouth, he took his other hand and swung her head to one side to break her neck. He then threw her over the cliff. I could see her falling from above, as if I was looking at her through his eyes.

I rarely meet souls that have been dead that long. It’s a little difficult to tell them that there is a big chance their loved ones are already dead and on the other side, especially when that’s what they are holding on to… The hope to find their loved ones. I explained to her that if she went to the light, she would find her loved ones on the other side. She left my room. Unfortunately, she hasn’t gone through the light yet, I can still feel her around.

Sometimes, trying to convince a spirit to go through the light is as much a challenge as trying to convince a living person to follow their heart. 🙂

I See Dead People, End of Story. January 7, 2008

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I had been doubting my abilities to connect with “the other side” for the past few months. I was ignoring that side of myself, all because I unexpectedly encountered one sceptic who made judgemental comments about what I see and feel. It was already difficult enough for me to talk about it, fearful of not being able to “prove” my abilities. So many people I know are curious about it, they believe in what I can do and want me to share it. But as soon as I face a little scepticism from one person overhearing my words, I freeze. I don’t know how to deal with that, or so I thought.

I read a few books on the subject these past weeks, thanks to my husband who bought them for me this Christmas. I learned a few new things, but in most part the content confirmed my abilities. What struck me the most, is that scepticism shuts everything down. When someone tries to make me prove my abilities, it does quite the opposite. Why? How do you react when someone implies you’re not doing your job right, or you’re not good enough? Your body shuts down. You do it instinctively to protect yourself. Well, it’s the same thing when someone is trying to show I’m lying, or I’m “full of it”. To connect to the other side, I need to be fully open, in a relaxed state, surrounded by good energy.

I can usually spot sceptics without them even speaking one word, because I feel their energy first. When I feel that kind of energy, I concentrate on protecting mine, which makes it more difficult to do my work. When scepticism creeps up unexpectedly through spoken words, and I don’t have time to veer it off, the ‘damage’ takes a while to repair — I feel put down, not good enough, I doubt what I can do, and my confidence takes a dive.  In which case, the people who do believe are not benefiting from my abilities.

My message to sceptics: You’re allowed to believe in whatever you want. That’s the freedom of choice and I respect that. But others are also allowed to believe in life after death and that a handful of people have the gift of communicating with the other side. My gift is not to prove my abilities to you. I help people that believe I can help them. Who are you helping by trying to disprove my abilities?  If you don’t believe, you don’t believe — just leave it at that.