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I See You September 29, 2010

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I see you on the sidewalk
I see you in your car
I see you in the hall
I see you

I see you and I smile
I see your presence
I see your past
I see you and I cry

I see your life
I see your pain
I see your despair
I see you and I cry

I see your heart
I see your hope
I see your future
I see you and I smile


“Listen To Your Heart” – A Bedtime Song For My Kids October 21, 2009

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The best time to teach your kids about life is at bedtime, when they are relaxed and listening attentively to your bedtime song. I wrote this song over a year ago and sing it to my kids almost every night. Now, my daughter sings it along with me and says it’s for me as much as it is for her. She is seven years old… Very perceptive child.

I originally wrote the song in French, but translated it for the purpose of publishing it to the world.

Listen to your heart
You will be free
Follow your dreams
You will find joy
Above all
Love yourself
This world needs you
The true you

Embody your youth
Your pure soul, your innocence
Until the very last day
With every beat of your heart

Your fears aside
Nothing can stop you
Believe in yourself
Aim high
What you can achieve
You decide

What is said of you
Comes last
Your own thoughts
Create your reality
I love you
With all my heart
With everything you do
I am proud of you

Feel free to add your own beat to it and sing it to your kids… or your parents. 😉

Back to Our Roots – A Vision of Peace June 23, 2009

Posted by greenlavender in Death, Earth, Emotions, Empowering, Energy, Inspiration, Life, Love, New age, Personal, Spirituality.

I received an interesting comment from 18-year old JoeYnaP saying he’s been having visions of chaos in the world. He is very wise as he also mentioned he believes the world will be made new, meaning the systems we know today will crumble and our life we be born again in truth. I was going to respond directly to his comment but I wanted to share with all of you my vision that I have also had about two years ago now. It’s funny how I never wrote about it before. I guess the time is now and was not then.

I often have visions of all kinds of things (for me, visions are not dreams. I see them when I meditate or when I am simply relaxing). Most are of people I don’t know or events I don’t really understand. I used to dwell on them a bit too much, trying to figure them out. Then I learned to let go; accept them for what they are and if I need to know more, then I will in due time. This particular vision, however, was different. It involved my family and it was so ‘real’, it felt stronger than others. It has remained in my thoughts for all this time. Here it is:

My husband, my two kids and I were sheltered in our basement, in the dark, afraid to go outside. My husband was holding one of his collectible Samurai swords to protect us. My kids were about 10 and 12 years old in the vision (they are 6 and 8 today). There was chaos outside. It was almost not physical, it was unlike the typical images of war. It was surreal. It felt like the air was the one against us. Some people seemed like they had been ‘gotten’ by this feeling of everything negative – anger, fear, resentment, revenge, etc. They were no longer in control of their bodies. The noise was disturbing – like the wind was creating a constant high pitched scream.

Although we were scared to come out of the house, I felt we needed to. When I suggested it, my husband and kids agreed, they felt the same way. It’s like we knew everything would be all right. So we chose to face the negativity and opened the door to the house (my husband still holding his sword just in case). I was standing ahead of my family with my hand out in front of me as if to create an invisible barrier. It worked. My husband left his sword at one point, realizing he did not need it. The delirious people were repelled as we walked in the streets, between the buildings, out to an open field. More people were joining us. People like us, facing their fear. We formed a large circle holding hands. We all looked at each other, somehow knowing that everything was all right. We glanced up at the skies and a circle of energy, full of light, came out from the ground. Forming a cylinder, it rose to wrap us from toe to head and up to reach the sky. There was a transformation. We looked at each other and around us, we seemed different, at peace. There was quiet. We could ‘read each other’ without speaking, as if to read ones mind, like we were one. In the skyline, tall trees had replaced buildings. There were no more houses or cars, or paved streets… only nature. The delirium had disappeared. The fear had gone. We knew we no longer needed food or shelter. Our bodies were fed by the air and the light. It felt peaceful and full of love.  

We were back to our roots.

I was going to write about my interpretation of this vision, but I prefer to leave it up to you to decide for yourself what it means for you.

Much love,

Positivity = Healthy Earth April 22, 2009

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Today is Earth day. What does it mean exactly and why isn’t every day Earth day? We are granted life on this wonderful planet and we dedicate one day to it. Well, I guess it’s a beginning. Like everything else in the human world, we react to crisis. We need a crisis to get us moving and shaking.  

While most people believe our actions are what’s causing the Earth to degrade, I believe it’s our thoughts. Our negative thoughts are polluting the world; judgement being the main one. It is the cause of wars, the cause of violence, the cause of pain and suffering. Fear is a very close second. This negative energy is what is polluting the Earth. A positive environment being overpowered by negativity.

What happens to you when you start thinking negatively? You get sick.  The Earth works in the same way. Our intentions behind our actions are killing our planet. I drive a Jeep Wrangler. Why did I choose a SUV? Because I love it. Because I can take my top off and breathe in so much air when I drive; because I can explore places I would never have seen without it; I stop and appreciate nature around me that I see thanks to having my vehicle. My intention is to have fun. Now my first SUV, which I bought in 2000, is a different story. I bought that one because I was afraid of dying in a car accident. I figured the bigger the car, the less likely I am to get hurt. My reasoning behind that purchase was fear. I was polluting the Earth with my fear, not my car. I worked on that. I am no longer scared of dying.

The more we become conscious of our thoughts the more we can control them and the less likely we are to think negatively. More positive thoughts = a healthier Earth.

Happy Earth Day! Wishing you positivity.

Much love,