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Healing Akashic Records August 19, 2009

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“Akashic what?” You might ask. I wrote about my first visits to the Akashic Records back in 2007. In my first post about it, I wrote: “…a brilliant prophet and clairvoyant, Edgar Cayce, who detailed one of his visits to the Akashic Records in a very similar way I just described. He defines the Akashic Records as “the collective memories and histories of every thought, sound, physical and emotional vibration, major event and incidental moment in eternity, an atmosheric presence that affects us all and we all affect with every breath we take”. That’s the best definition of the Akashic Records I have read.

I’ve practiced visiting the Records in different ways, particularly through meditation, but the best way for me has been through self-hypnosis.  I find my consciousness does not ‘get in the way’, or interpret information as easily with this method. When a psychic gets visions, it’s very easy for the consciousness or ‘ego’ to receive the information and assume some more. It takes a lot of practice to distinguish between stricly what you truly see and what you interpret. For me, self-hypnosis allows me to just get the information without interpreting or judging it.

What do I see in the Akashic Records? Well, let me describe a typical visit:

Before I start the self-hypnosis, I make sure I have a particular purpose for my visit. If my visit is to consult the records of another being, I make sure I have the information I need on that person: full name, age, date and place of birth. Then I ask a question out loud that pertains to what information I am seeking, for example: “please show me what this person needs to reach his/her full potential at this moment, in every aspect of their life”.  Once that is clear, I begin my self-hypnosis ritual.

So I’m hypnotized, what now? My spirit guides are always there to help guide me through the hypnotic state. They bring me to the Records. I am greeted by the white bearded man dressed in white, sitting at a white table, next to a white door. He hands me a book that resembles a big encyclopedia. It’s my own book of records. When I go visit the Records for someone else, I am always given the chance to see my own records first. Now one thing you have to understand… Yes, I can see my own records, but I will only see what I am ready to see at that moment. If my body is not ready for particular bits of information, I will not see it. That’s the case for any psychic, and even yourself when you go for a psychic reading. You will never hear something you are not ready to hear. And I will not see lottery numbers if I or my client is not meant to win the lottery in their lifetime. I say that because it is a common question among people who don’t yet understand psychic abilities. Psychics don’t see ‘everything’, they see what they are meant to see or what they look for. (more…)


Another Ghost Story August 19, 2009

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I have recently been visited by a group of ghosts – about a dozen. I can’t give an exact number, the ones in the back are kind of blurry and hard to count. There is a man in front of the group, he is the one who approaches me. All the others follow him as if he is the leader. He does have a leader type personality. They all know they are dead. The man last came up to me and addressed me by my name, which was strange for me. It was definitely a first. He said: “Natasha, you have to help us”. I replied in a bit of a shock with “ok, what can I do?” I mean, visiting spirits who have not crossed over usually need help, but that was direct. He said they were on a boat. I am not sure if the boat sank, but they definitely died on the boat. He says the boat has been missing and that they can’t move on until the boat is found.  He gave me numbers that sound like coordinates – I saw a line going from South to North with the number 196 and then a line going from West to East with the number 83. I don’t own a boat, I have been on a boat maybe only a dozen times in my life and I have no clue how marine coordinates work. Do these numbers mean anything? I’ll go do a search after I finish this post… Also, spirits who have not crossed over may have died so suddenly that they experience confusion about what is reality. It could very well be that their boat was found long ago.

Back to Our Roots – A Vision of Peace June 23, 2009

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I received an interesting comment from 18-year old JoeYnaP saying he’s been having visions of chaos in the world. He is very wise as he also mentioned he believes the world will be made new, meaning the systems we know today will crumble and our life we be born again in truth. I was going to respond directly to his comment but I wanted to share with all of you my vision that I have also had about two years ago now. It’s funny how I never wrote about it before. I guess the time is now and was not then.

I often have visions of all kinds of things (for me, visions are not dreams. I see them when I meditate or when I am simply relaxing). Most are of people I don’t know or events I don’t really understand. I used to dwell on them a bit too much, trying to figure them out. Then I learned to let go; accept them for what they are and if I need to know more, then I will in due time. This particular vision, however, was different. It involved my family and it was so ‘real’, it felt stronger than others. It has remained in my thoughts for all this time. Here it is:

My husband, my two kids and I were sheltered in our basement, in the dark, afraid to go outside. My husband was holding one of his collectible Samurai swords to protect us. My kids were about 10 and 12 years old in the vision (they are 6 and 8 today). There was chaos outside. It was almost not physical, it was unlike the typical images of war. It was surreal. It felt like the air was the one against us. Some people seemed like they had been ‘gotten’ by this feeling of everything negative – anger, fear, resentment, revenge, etc. They were no longer in control of their bodies. The noise was disturbing – like the wind was creating a constant high pitched scream.

Although we were scared to come out of the house, I felt we needed to. When I suggested it, my husband and kids agreed, they felt the same way. It’s like we knew everything would be all right. So we chose to face the negativity and opened the door to the house (my husband still holding his sword just in case). I was standing ahead of my family with my hand out in front of me as if to create an invisible barrier. It worked. My husband left his sword at one point, realizing he did not need it. The delirious people were repelled as we walked in the streets, between the buildings, out to an open field. More people were joining us. People like us, facing their fear. We formed a large circle holding hands. We all looked at each other, somehow knowing that everything was all right. We glanced up at the skies and a circle of energy, full of light, came out from the ground. Forming a cylinder, it rose to wrap us from toe to head and up to reach the sky. There was a transformation. We looked at each other and around us, we seemed different, at peace. There was quiet. We could ‘read each other’ without speaking, as if to read ones mind, like we were one. In the skyline, tall trees had replaced buildings. There were no more houses or cars, or paved streets… only nature. The delirium had disappeared. The fear had gone. We knew we no longer needed food or shelter. Our bodies were fed by the air and the light. It felt peaceful and full of love.  

We were back to our roots.

I was going to write about my interpretation of this vision, but I prefer to leave it up to you to decide for yourself what it means for you.

Much love,

Give Yourself Permission to Be Human December 9, 2008

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Listen to your heart, you will find the most fulfilling things. The road to freedom is directly ahead of you and most don’t choose to see it. Open not only your eyes, but your senses, all of them. Freedom will bring you happiness, fulfillment, joy, love. It’s always been in front of you, you simply need to see it. It’s in your reach. Never give up, no matter what. Sometimes, you might think things are not going your way, or seem like they are slipping away from you; but that is not the case. You never know what the next minute will bring you. If you give up, you will miss that next minute. Everything happens for a reason, always. You learn something new in every new experience. That new knowledge you gain for a reason, to help you move on to the next curb on your path, to prepare you for what’s coming up next. It might make you stronger, wiser, more in love, it can be anything. You might not be aware of that new knowledge, but always be aware that everything you experience is essential to your well-being, despite how difficult it may be to believe. As long as you will something to happen, as long as it comes from your heart not your ego, it will happen.

Remember that you are human, as much as you can feel strong and happy, you are allowed to feel down. When you do, allow yourself to live the feeling and it will move on faster to happiness. If you don’t allow yourself to feel sadness, grief, anger, fear, those feelings get buried deep inside yourself and will eat at you until you choose to let them go. To let them go is to feel: cry, scream, write about it, do whatever you need to let those feelings out — when you do it out of love, you don’t hurt anyone by doing so. Most of all, don’t judge yourself. You are in a human body – you are allowed to feel.

What have you done for yourself lately? When you take care of yourself first, it is much easier to take care of others. When you are one with yourself, when you are aware of your true feelings, you can let go of whatever is going on inside you to allow yourself to truly listen to others. You realize that what you could have taken personally before has really nothing to do with you, but everything to do with the other person’s feelings and how they express them. You can truly help when you are open to that reality.  

After you are done reading this post, shut down your computer and go do something for yourself. Take a bubble bath, go for a walk, read a book, paint, write a short story, whatever your heart tells you to do. While you do that, listen to yourself. What is your heart telling you? Trust it.