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Another Ghost Story August 19, 2009

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I have recently been visited by a group of ghosts – about a dozen. I can’t give an exact number, the ones in the back are kind of blurry and hard to count. There is a man in front of the group, he is the one who approaches me. All the others follow him as if he is the leader. He does have a leader type personality. They all know they are dead. The man last came up to me and addressed me by my name, which was strange for me. It was definitely a first. He said: “Natasha, you have to help us”. I replied in a bit of a shock with “ok, what can I do?” I mean, visiting spirits who have not crossed over usually need help, but that was direct. He said they were on a boat. I am not sure if the boat sank, but they definitely died on the boat. He says the boat has been missing and that they can’t move on until the boat is found.  He gave me numbers that sound like coordinates – I saw a line going from South to North with the number 196 and then a line going from West to East with the number 83. I don’t own a boat, I have been on a boat maybe only a dozen times in my life and I have no clue how marine coordinates work. Do these numbers mean anything? I’ll go do a search after I finish this post… Also, spirits who have not crossed over may have died so suddenly that they experience confusion about what is reality. It could very well be that their boat was found long ago.


Had a Visit From Claire Yesterday May 6, 2009

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I am not quite comfortable enough yet to walk up to strangers and tell them I have a message from a loved one from beyond the grave. When I am visited by spirits that are desperately seeking to get in contact with one they have “left behind”, I have to gently tell them that it’s not that easy (for me anyway). 

I have wondered for quite some time how I could relay these messages without having to scatter the Earth to find these people. The answer has been right in front of me this entire time.  I knew I had started this blog to share my knowledge of the spirit world, but it only occured to me just now that I can use this tool to relay the messages to the world, at least as a starting point.

Yesterday was Claire’s first visit. Claire was in her late teens when she died. I see water, a lake or river. I see something with her neck as well. She died in the past 3 to 5 years and knows she is dead (about half of the spirits I encounter don’t know they are dead). She had long brown hair, was a vibrant young girl. I see her dressed in blue jeans and a medium blue t-shirt. I see the Aries symbol. She was francophone – Quebec, whether she was from QC or died there (or both)  I am not sure. She wants to give a clue that leads to someone who witnessed her death. Her body has not been found yet.

I have no idea who should be getting her message, but she insists on me delivering it personally. She does not want to give me the information on the witness until I find the proper recipient. She seems very tenacious. I was hoping I could write it down in this post…

Now all I can do is wait and see if I am presented with the person she wants to talk to. I asked her to tap me on the shoulder if I come face to face with him/her; if so, I will need to find the courage to talk about it.

Crawling Out of the Closet… Once Again. April 23, 2009

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I used to write a lot about the metaphysical. I have been neglecting it trying to crawl right back in my closet. I have been trying to ignore that side of me. Ignore is not the right word — hide. I’ve been hiding that side of me. I’ve even been hiding it from good friends that embrace that side of me. They are not fools. How selfish of me to even think for a second that I could fool them into believing I am not who I am. 

Since I started slowly crawling back into the closet, my life has been a roller coaster. One minute being sure of what I want to do, the next crashing and losing all my confidence. I felt walls rising around me. Thanks to a very good friend of mine, yesterday I was shaken out of my fear/ego trip.   

I am a psychic and medium. I feel, speak, see, hear the dead. I also feel, speak, see and hear what I call the ‘undead’. The undead being the entities of light – spirits from our home world in another dimension. They are spirit guides, angels, loved ones that have crossed over. I have written many posts about them a while back. Here are a few (oh, the cycles I create for myself… tsk, tsk, tsk):

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I would like to apologize to my faithful readers for giving up. I am back now!

When You Are Invaded By Spirits… February 27, 2008

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I am sitting at my computer, working away. As you know from previous posts, I work from home. I live in the suburbs, so it’s very quiet during the day, since most people around work in town. I can usually hear a pin drop.

This morning, after driving my daughter to daycare, I came back home to work and was greeted by a slew of spirits. I feel stared at by a few dozen pairs of eyes. My shoulders are constantly getting goosebumps. I am hearing voices and objects are cracking around me. I feel like people are flinging by me while I sit still. It’s the first time that ever happens to me.

I don’t yet know why this is happening now. I don’t know why these people are here. I’m not scared of them, but I’m scared of what this might mean.

I’ll keep you posted when I find out what they want.