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When Life Throws You A Curve Ball and You Love It! August 10, 2010

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I had my life all planned out:

  • Quit my government job to pursue acting
  • Start my web design and consultation company to pay the bills until I get acting gigs
  • Work my butt off to get acting jobs
  • Get an acting gig that will allow me to get more acting gigs
  • Produce and direct my short screenplays
  • Stop doing web design and consultation
  • Get more acting gigs
  • Produce and direct feature films

Where am I now?

I have:

  • Quit my government job to pursue acting
  • Started my web design and consultation company to pay the bills until I get acting gigs
  • Worked my butt off to get acting jobs (the work my butt off part is done and keeps going)
  • Started another government job… HUH?

Yup, I’ve gone back to the government. You know the expression “be careful what you wish for ’cause you just might get it?” Ok, that’s the PD’s version but you know the one I’m talking about. Well, it’s true. Before quitting the government, I had told myself that if I could find a web business analyst job that was exciting, with a great team, I would stay. I didn’t find it… then. Last October, surprise! After quite a few months of focussing strictly on acting and tired of being broke, I realized I was pushing things. I wasn’t ready yet for a full-time acting career and that’s why it hadn’t happened. You see, when you force your life to go a certain way, things don’t go so smoothly. So, I started looking for web business analyst contracts for the … drum roll… GOVERNMENT!

And so I found one. You know what the best part is? With the same division I was previously. Part of the team had remained, which was awesome, and the new ones just as awesome. I am having a blast. I never saw it coming.

What about my acting career? Well, my new boss was a great colleague back in 2007 when I quit. She is fully aware of my dream and also very supportive. I am free to go to auditions when opportunities arise.

Because I love my job, I don’t feel desperate about getting acting gigs anymore, so I feel I can be selective. I know the day will come when I get that ideal role, that role I ask for every day. I feel it in my gut. It will happen when I am ready, when it is meant to be.  I keep promoting myself and I am currently developing a strategy to get myself noticed. I also keep working on my screenplays.

I’ve got it all! What can I say? Oh, and I’m not broke anymore. 🙂


“Listen To Your Heart” – A Bedtime Song For My Kids October 21, 2009

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The best time to teach your kids about life is at bedtime, when they are relaxed and listening attentively to your bedtime song. I wrote this song over a year ago and sing it to my kids almost every night. Now, my daughter sings it along with me and says it’s for me as much as it is for her. She is seven years old… Very perceptive child.

I originally wrote the song in French, but translated it for the purpose of publishing it to the world.

Listen to your heart
You will be free
Follow your dreams
You will find joy
Above all
Love yourself
This world needs you
The true you

Embody your youth
Your pure soul, your innocence
Until the very last day
With every beat of your heart

Your fears aside
Nothing can stop you
Believe in yourself
Aim high
What you can achieve
You decide

What is said of you
Comes last
Your own thoughts
Create your reality
I love you
With all my heart
With everything you do
I am proud of you

Feel free to add your own beat to it and sing it to your kids… or your parents. 😉

Healing Akashic Records August 19, 2009

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“Akashic what?” You might ask. I wrote about my first visits to the Akashic Records back in 2007. In my first post about it, I wrote: “…a brilliant prophet and clairvoyant, Edgar Cayce, who detailed one of his visits to the Akashic Records in a very similar way I just described. He defines the Akashic Records as “the collective memories and histories of every thought, sound, physical and emotional vibration, major event and incidental moment in eternity, an atmosheric presence that affects us all and we all affect with every breath we take”. That’s the best definition of the Akashic Records I have read.

I’ve practiced visiting the Records in different ways, particularly through meditation, but the best way for me has been through self-hypnosis.  I find my consciousness does not ‘get in the way’, or interpret information as easily with this method. When a psychic gets visions, it’s very easy for the consciousness or ‘ego’ to receive the information and assume some more. It takes a lot of practice to distinguish between stricly what you truly see and what you interpret. For me, self-hypnosis allows me to just get the information without interpreting or judging it.

What do I see in the Akashic Records? Well, let me describe a typical visit:

Before I start the self-hypnosis, I make sure I have a particular purpose for my visit. If my visit is to consult the records of another being, I make sure I have the information I need on that person: full name, age, date and place of birth. Then I ask a question out loud that pertains to what information I am seeking, for example: “please show me what this person needs to reach his/her full potential at this moment, in every aspect of their life”.  Once that is clear, I begin my self-hypnosis ritual.

So I’m hypnotized, what now? My spirit guides are always there to help guide me through the hypnotic state. They bring me to the Records. I am greeted by the white bearded man dressed in white, sitting at a white table, next to a white door. He hands me a book that resembles a big encyclopedia. It’s my own book of records. When I go visit the Records for someone else, I am always given the chance to see my own records first. Now one thing you have to understand… Yes, I can see my own records, but I will only see what I am ready to see at that moment. If my body is not ready for particular bits of information, I will not see it. That’s the case for any psychic, and even yourself when you go for a psychic reading. You will never hear something you are not ready to hear. And I will not see lottery numbers if I or my client is not meant to win the lottery in their lifetime. I say that because it is a common question among people who don’t yet understand psychic abilities. Psychics don’t see ‘everything’, they see what they are meant to see or what they look for. (more…)

Another Ghost Story August 19, 2009

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I have recently been visited by a group of ghosts – about a dozen. I can’t give an exact number, the ones in the back are kind of blurry and hard to count. There is a man in front of the group, he is the one who approaches me. All the others follow him as if he is the leader. He does have a leader type personality. They all know they are dead. The man last came up to me and addressed me by my name, which was strange for me. It was definitely a first. He said: “Natasha, you have to help us”. I replied in a bit of a shock with “ok, what can I do?” I mean, visiting spirits who have not crossed over usually need help, but that was direct. He said they were on a boat. I am not sure if the boat sank, but they definitely died on the boat. He says the boat has been missing and that they can’t move on until the boat is found.  He gave me numbers that sound like coordinates – I saw a line going from South to North with the number 196 and then a line going from West to East with the number 83. I don’t own a boat, I have been on a boat maybe only a dozen times in my life and I have no clue how marine coordinates work. Do these numbers mean anything? I’ll go do a search after I finish this post… Also, spirits who have not crossed over may have died so suddenly that they experience confusion about what is reality. It could very well be that their boat was found long ago.