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The Actor

Natasha Jetté, Actor

Natasha Jetté, Actor

My name is Natasha Jetté and I am an actor.

I was born to act. Every single experience in my lifetime has been part of my training. I have concentrated on ‘the art of acting’ classes in the past few years to perfect my way of sharing what lies behind these life experiences with the world.

I have waited patiently for 30-some years, absorbing and understanding every single emotion, learning about them and where they come from. I am ready to share them. Ready to share myself and my experiences. I am ready to move people, to make a difference.

I have a Web site to promote myself. I update it regularly with the new roles I get (and photos). Here’s the address: http://www.natashajette.com

My agent is Vallan Lawrence at Shadz of Talent. You can contact him at shadzoftalent@gmail.com or 613.858.2931 — only if you are ready to see the truth.

I’ll keep you posted when I get to move people on the screen or on stage.



1. Claudia Jurt - September 23, 2006

Hi Natasha,
Your website looks great! I didn’t even know you had one until I read this page. I will add it to my links on my blogs/sites.

Good luck!

2. greenlavender - October 2, 2006

Thanks for adding my link Claudia!

3. Winluck - February 24, 2007

Hi Natasha:

It’s wonderful to see the thoughts of another actor. I know what you mean about the resistance you encounter along the way as well.

That’s my dream one day…to act on a famous stage or to act on the silver screen. I’m kind of still finding my way around the acting world right now (through workshops and theatre companies) but hopefully I’ll be able to act professionally someday soon.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

– Winluck

4. ascreamingwriter - February 27, 2007

Yes, I’ve noticed you mention “resistance” a lot…

I have words of wisdom my mother gave to me when I was a little girl…

She said, “Never say a negative, and especially don’t use the word ‘hate’. Saying it only empowers it to take over your life. Don’t let it in.”

I have always remembered that. It’s like setting up boundaries. You simply love yourself more than to allow what’s weaker in 🙂

5. greenlavender - March 2, 2007

A Screaming Writer, you’re completely right. I shall start saying that I am moving ahead, instead of resisting.

6. Jerome - March 14, 2007

Hi Natasha,
Looking great ;).
Except the photo on belle comme un tracteur.
It was fun to look at your website.
I will keep an eye out for you on the big screen.


7. greenlavender - March 15, 2007

Wow, a blast from the past!
Merci Jerome.

8. Chad Conrad - June 5, 2007


Thank you for sharing a bit of yourself on this website. If you’re interested in learning all you can about releasing the divine potential within you, you might find the Book of Mormon an interesting read. I certainly have.

God bless,


9. David - June 17, 2007

Hi Natasha
My name is David. This morning, while browsing the WordPress site, I came across your website. Congratulations on your evolving journey as an actor. Reminds me of parallels in my life, in which I finally let myself say that I am a writer and a photographer. May you have much success.


10. Mishra - August 3, 2007

From a fellow artist that resisted for a long time too, your blog is very inspiring! Brava!!! 😀

11. greenlavender - August 7, 2007

Thank you.

Much love,

12. ضَرَبان - February 3, 2008

Nice to meet you 🙂

13. kim gomez - January 5, 2009

how do i interpret a vision

14. Bill Howdle - August 8, 2009

Hi Natasha,
Vi and I both really enjoyed your performance in No Exit Upstage at the Fringe Festival here in Winnipeg. Your hard work, study and preparation has obviously paid off as you are a wonderful actor.
Even more we both enjoyed the pleasure of your company following the performance.
Good luck to you in all upcoming ventures, We know you will do well

15. greenlavender - August 19, 2009

Dear Bill, I can not express how heartwarming it felt to be in your and Vi’s company in Winnipeg. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generous hospitality and for coming to see the show! You are such a courageous soul and your love for the world shines through your eyes.
Much love to you and Violet!

16. Kittywaymo - December 2, 2009

What a naturally beautiful woman you are! I too, am an Actor, from LI, NY living in Ogden Utah.. Very beautiful out here but not a ton of filmLOL

I married a hottie ObGyn.. We do get our occasional TV series, I was on “Everwood” for 4 seasons and many other Disney films and WB films as they shot here. I love film and TV. I started with stage, I miss that.

God bless, Kittywaymo

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